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    In the Edge forum, Mike pointed out that Palm's m-series typically has a 25% smaller screen than Handspring's models ( Can someone confirm this for the m505? Also, how does it compare to the new Clie?
    Personally, I considered getting a m505 but the screen size could really be a decisive point. This is assuming that HS releases within the next months a color version of the Edge...
    By the way, is it certain now that the m505 still uses a 160*160 pixel resolution?

    Thanks Joerg
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    Here is an excerpt of a post that I made in another thread. I would just point you at it, but I'm not sure how to get you to a specific specific message in a thread that's spread out over three screens.

    I measured the screen size on my Vx. I measured the screen size on my Visor Deluxe. I measured the size of the bezel on my Vx. I measured the proportionate size of the bezel on a picture of the M505. The M505 and the Vx are the same width (based on Palm's web site). If the they are the same width and the bezels are the same size, the screens are the same size.

    Am I certain that the M505 and the Visor Deluxe have exactly the same size of screen? Absolutely not.

    Am I certain that the M505 screen is significantly larger than the M100/M105 screen? Absolutely yes.

    Am I fairly sure that the Palm M505 screen is roughly the same size as the Visor Deluxe screen (within a couple of millimeters)? Pretty sure.

    BTW I also compared the screen to a Sony Clie and Palm M100 and M105. The Clie is somewhat smaller than the Visor and the Vx. The M10x twins are even smaller.

    BTW the resolution of the M50x series is indeed 160x160.

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