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    I can't wait for the next few months!!! The Sony Clie 2 will be hitting US Shores. The m505 will be flying off the shelves. The 64 meg Compaq Iqaq will be out!! What will Handspring bring to the fight? They better have a monster, cause the competition's going for the jugular. A color Edge might not be enough. I'm so excited that I'm not buying a new PDA, eventhough my VDX broke today, until this war is settled. I'll wait it out. Someone call the hospital cause this time it's going to get ugly.

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    Originally posted by pdutta2000
    I'm so excited that I'm not buying a new PDA, eventhough my VDX broke today
    now THAT's willpower!
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    sorry to have to say this...but I think, though unspoken, it is widely understood. There may be a PDA war raging...but no ONE PDA will win. This month, Palm might win a battle, then in a couple months, HP might win...then Compaq, then Handspring...

    The only clear War winner is the consumer who makes an educated purchase of the unit that will benefit him/her the most, and is able to get three years of use out of it before it HAS to be replaced...not because something bigger (or in this war, smaller) came out. There are a few lucky people who have enough resources to buy the next big thing...but even then, these people sell the next big thing on eBay, in favor of their three to five year old units they have grown to love.

    In what makes the most sense to you, for your purpose. Use these discussion boards to help fuel that choice. But never let anyone talk you into a unit because it is right for them. Be sure it is right for you first.


    just my 2.5 cents.
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    Amen to that Sam.

    Competition is good. Uh . . . you hearing that Microsoft?
    It's all about how you spend the money.

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