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    As a rare user who has BOTH a Verizon Treo 700p and a Moto Q - and belongs to forums specific to BOTH devices, one thing I have noticed is an increasing number of postings by people who have - apparently - purchased their device primarily to improve their ability to text message, but do not want to be saddled with the high cost of a dataplan.

    Is there room in the world for a low cost device that looks much like the Q - that is thin, has a nice color screen, but is fairly limited to phone and SMS connectivity, kind of like a conceptual "Zire" smartphone?
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    yes, there is probably room for such a thing, but why not get a palm, the sms char function is REALLY GOOD. Maybe they could buy an old palm treo 600 ?
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    That's sort of what the LG ENV is for on Verizon, and presumably the HTC VOX will be on GSM. But I think palm could OWN that category, a few tweaks to the system and possible even (gasp) drop the touchscreen and you could have a great SMS/Voice device with minor calendar abilities.
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    remember the Ogo.....ewgo!
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    There was some crappy slide out keyboard Cingular "American Idol" edition phone that came out a while back. It would not give the one-handed use the Treo does, but it would be good for text messaging. Similar to the PPC 6700 in keyboard usage.
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    The LG V comes the closest to what I am thinking - a simple BREW OS phone with a full keyboard - something that Verizon will allow onto the Web 2.0/ $5 month plan. Its still pretty pricey, and in the failed genre of the clamshell design...
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    And the samsung phone that opens bi-directionally, thats a pretty good version of what you are describing. Its a Cingular phone too I believe

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