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    Hold everything!!! According to the article in CNET Sony is bring the Clie 2 to the US.

    "The new unit will go on sale April 7 in Japan, although the company plans to start taking orders on its Japanese Web site next week. A Sony representative said that the new Clie will launch in the United States this year, with an announcement expected sometime around midyear."

    "Although the U.S. handheld model may not have the exact same features or price as the Japanese unit, it is expected to have the ability to play music along with the improved 320 pixels by 320 pixels screen. Other Palm-based handhelds display only 160 pixels by 160 pixels."

    Full article:

    This is great!! Considering that you probably can't get a m505 by May anyway, I think people should wait. Who knows maybe by that time, Sony may have the Palm OS 4.0 in the Clie 2.

    Handspring has better come out with a competing unit, if the Sony invasion does happen around mid-year, a lot of people including myself may just jump ship!!
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    This is real bad news.

    Now I have to talk my wife into letting me get new PDA.

    (And right after she let me get a PS2!)
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