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    According to, which has some preview pictures of the new palms, Palm is planning to release the m500(monochrome) and m505(color) on Monday. Their prices are rumored to be $400 and $450 respectively.

    No mention about the resolution of the color m505.

    I thought the way that Palm name their new line was that the mx00's suppose to indicate 2mb of memory(m100) and the mx05's indicate 8mb of memory. However, the m500 is the mono and the m505 is the color.

    Palm decided to keep the plam V form factor, which IMHO is a little anti-climatic, because the Edge and the new Sony Clie 2 both have new form factors. I realized that V's form factor is very popular, but it's been around of ~2 years there's nothing to make you go ohhhh or ahhhh when you look at it.

    Another observation, it's like Palm, Handspring, Sony, and HandEra(TRG) are playing a game of checkers. First Handspring made the move with the Edge, then Sony jumped HS with the Clie 2, now Palm is preparing to move with the new m500/m505's. Who's next? Maybe HandEra? Maybe Handspring again with the color Edge? Maybe Sony... with the US distribution of the Clie 2?

    IMHO, I still think that no one has yet topped the Clie 2 yet, unless the m505 drastically improved on their features.
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    If the m505 is $450, Handspring better have a counter-announcement for a color Edge. I'll be getting the m505 immediately.
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    Well, Handspring sat on the Edge for a while it seems. I read an article (,3858,4152365,00.html) which makes it pretty clear that the Edge was around for a while before they launched it.

    "Colligan doesn't see it that way. "We've had this Visor ready to go for sometime, but decided we wanted to get a colour Handspring (the Prism) to the market first. A lot of the ideas we are working on are totally different to Palm." "

    So, if this is right, and I have no way of being sure that it is right, then they had the Edge, but instead developed the Prism. But they then released the Prism, and the Platinum at the same time... and the Edge is basically a thin Plat. Not sure what that all means... but atleast it might show that they have other projects on the virge of release... the mystery of the Snap and Twist might be resolved sooner rather than later... or later rather than sooner... or never rather than ever. We will have to see I guess.

    It might have been interesting if they had released the Edge, and the Prism at the same time... but then they would have had two big guns come out, and people would have exploded attempting to make a choice between thin, or color. I would suspect that they won't release a color Edge for some time... and if they did, then it would be expensive. The sales of the Prism are still going well... but nobody would buy the Prism if they had the choice of a thinner version, with a better screen which they can use outside.

    Just some rambling.
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    Just a reminder, but if they introduce the edge at the same time as the Prisim, the would of released 3 competing devices including the Platinum. The Plat would of probably gotten lost.

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    Originally posted by Gameboy70
    If the m505 is $450, Handspring better have a counter-announcement for a color Edge. I'll be getting the m505 immediately.
    There are also rumors that Palm is going to just announce the two Palm models on Monday, the actual release of the m500 will be April and m505 in May. IMHO, if that's true, then Palm was forced to react to the release of the Edge and the Sony Clie 2, they are not really to release their products yet, so they just announce it.
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    If this game of "checkers", as you call it, were to continue perhaps we'd see the release of a unit from one of the other licensees, Samsung or one of the GPS. Even before we had the Edge, a week or two before, the new Kyocera phone was released & now there is a picture of the new Samsung circulating which has a color screen.
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    Those are all very good points. And maybe more correct than you think. I just received info from a compUSA rep that they received a newsletter from a part supplier of Handspring that they are already working on a color Edge and that it will be released in approximately 3 months for a suggested retail price of ........drum roll.....$599!
    Anyone else think that is absurd?
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    Well, it's official. The Palm website is already taking preorders for the Palm m500 and m505. As rumored the m505 will be $449 and will be a 16bit display. They also have a keyboard, a backup module, travel charger and 16mb expansion memory card for the m505 to name a few. The apparent ship date is 4/5. There have been some post at where poeple have made their orders and were told of the 4/5 ship date. Handspring better come in with a color version of the Edge, and soon.
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    Its hard to explain how I feel but in a word its kind of cheated. I believe that Handspring could have released the Prism at a much lower price than what they did. I understand technology moves fast but in less than 6 months they were able to come out with a much thinner Prism, not to mention the only real difference between the Prism & the IIIc is 16-bit color, but that isn't that much more expensive I imagine. Don't get me wrong, I own 4 Springboards & I'm happy with them but I really kinda feal let down my Handspring. When they first entered the market they did so well because they offered a superior product at a better price.
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    That's the way the game is played. Action: Handspring introduces the Prism to top the IIIC. Reaction: Palm lowers the price of the IIIc.

    Now Action: Palm has introduced the m505 which tops the Prism, expect a reaction from Handspring by lowering the price of the Prism or maybe they have already by bundling the back-up module with a Prism purchase.

    Actually, from the rumors, the m505 really not that different than the Prism except for the form factor and maybe a new screen. I doubt they will offer increase resolution like the Clie 2. So basically an m505 is a prism with a V form factor and a newer screen. The expansion slot and the expansion modules is not new to Handspring.

    What the Prism got that the m505 don't is the upgrade to 16mb internally and pre-existing springboard modules.

    Looking forward to the release of the next Handspring, it has better be color, increase resolution and increase RAM, or the US invasion of the Clie 2.
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    Yeah, I know thats how its played. Actually, I got my Prism back when MCI was giving $150 Amazon gift certificates & $50 coupon, so I ended up paying $250 which makes it a whole lot better. I've already got 4 Springboard modules & a stowaway so I'm commited to Handspring, until I win the lottery that is.

    What processor does the m505 have? One would think that if it has the VZ processor then it too could have the upgrade done. The upgrade is a great thing though, most likely I'll be getting that done rather getting the next Visor - I'm waiting for 5.0.
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  12. #12 I'm feeling gypped! We are forced to pay $10/meg for RAM expansion....

    Palm m500 16 meg expansion card:
    $49.95 USD

    Room for expansion.
    Running out of room to store all your stuff? Add additional memory to your handheld with the Palm™ m500 16MB Expansion Card.

    More memory.
    Just plug the postage stamp-sized Palm m500 16MB Expansion Card into the slot on your handheld to expand your handheld’s memory to 24 MB.

    More storage.
    With 16 MB of memory, this secure digital read-write flash memory card is the perfect way to store your favorite software applications, pictures, and audio files.
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    Just got done looking at the Palm web site, and that m505 is pretty sweet. If I were entering the PDA market now instead of 9 months ago (when I got my Visor Deluxe) I would be sorely tempted to go toward the m505. I am happy with my VDx but honestly, I can see why people say that once you've "gone color" there is no turning back.

    I must admit that I am bewildered by all these storage/expansion options. The new Palms use MMC. Visor uses springboards (which give you further options for SmartMedia cards and CF). A lot of Palm PC's use CF and some (e.g. iPaq) have PC card capability. It's tough to know in which direction this technology is headed, and for those of us thinking about an upgrade in the next six months, it's hard to know which kind of hardware to buy and not end up getting screwed because the market went in another direction. (I realize that obsolescence is a fact of life when you're a gadget geek, but I try to avoid it whenever possible. )

    Any thoughts on MMC -- pros, cons, etc?
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    the rumours were right!


    Vibrating & LED Alarms
    Stay on top of a busy schedule w/ programmable, silent alarms.

    hmmm...this is tempting me to go against my "Why I like My VDx" post!
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    Not to mention that they now boast USB cradles!
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    Going back to Palm ... my company is canceling our order for 4 VisorEdges today and ordering 4 M505s instead. (I know we will have a long wait, but at least I have my VDX until then.)

    You can get 32mb SD cards for $49.95 at Amazon! I know there are limitations to removable storage versus FlashRam, but 32mb is just too good to be true.

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    Originally posted by av8instyle
    Those are all very good points. And maybe more correct than you think. I just received info from a compUSA rep that they received a newsletter from a part supplier of Handspring that they are already working on a color Edge and that it will be released in approximately 3 months for a suggested retail price of ........drum roll.....$599!
    Anyone else think that is absurd?
    I really doubt that with the M505 being $449 that Handspring will release the color Visor at anything other than $449. I would expect to see the Prism drop to about $369 or so with rebate and then they will announce the Visor Edge (Twist?)
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    Ok, the m505 has a nice form factor. And it has a SD card slot. PalmOS 4? Well, nice feature, but i think thats unnecessary.
    And Sony's new color Clie? Just think about the screen, the Memory stick slot (128MB possible) and the capability as MP3 player. And (in Japan) for only 420$. So that m505 is only disappointing me.
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    I'm seriously considering replacing my year old VDx with an m505. I only have three springboard modules right now, two backup modules and an Innopak 2/V. Since the m505 is smaller, lighter, has rechargeable batteries, a color screen, and it has a built in vibrating alarm it seems better suited to my needs.

    I like Handspring a lot, but the Springboard is just too big. The Edge is really cool, but I can't imagine buying a PDA that small and then attaching a huge "sleeve" that's almost as big as it is in order to use any modules.

    I hope Handspring has something to beat the new Clie and m505.
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    Not a big surprise. Palm stays ahead and told us exactly what was coming and when.

    Remember back in the fall of 2000, Palm's president said (there was a link to his video interview on VC) the 505 (didn't use model #) was coming out the first part of 2001. Told about the postage stamp size storage and the form factor would be like the Palm Vx but smaller and would have color.

    Looks like the Stowaway Keyboard, Palm Modem Connectivity Kit, Travel Charger, HotSync USB & Serial Cables are already available. It won't be long until all the other accessories are on the market. Like the Kodak PalmPix and GPS, etc.

    It won't be a long time line for the manufacturers to adapt to the new Palm Expansion Card slot and the Universal Connector. Especially those that already had a product out for the Palm Vx.

    Cards now available:
    Memory Back Up Card $39.95
    16MB Expansion Card $49.95
    Games Card $29.95
    Dictionary/Thesauras Card $39.95
    Travel Cards for European, Asian & US cities, each $39.95

    So for a first time PDA buyer or person upgrading the clear choice is now Palm 505.
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