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    As for the paint on the 750 and Dash; they feel the same to me.

    I really don't like the 750 as I find I can't get used to Windows Mobile PC. I used it when in Italy recently and the high speed data is nice, but sucked so much battery, I set it back to EDGE after a couple of days.

    The Dash I love. It's small, light, fast enough and WM Smartphone is easier for me to use. If find it harder to type on than the Treos because the keys are closer together and I'm always hitting two at a time. I also miss being able to edit documents, but I can live with that. Another plus is that it has great battery life even with push mail.

    I really like the 680 also. I'm used to PalmOS so it's very familiar. Battery life is the worst of the three devices I have now. I use this one more than the Dash for one reason. Chatter. I love Chatter and I do a lot of email. The Dash, even with Exchange mail, is just not as good for mail.
    I came from a Dash to the 750v. The surface is similar, but the Treo's is a bit harder and less grippy compared to the softer surface of the Dash. I switched because I was having trouble with Exchange Activesync and needed the reliability of Blackberry Connect. However, now that it is available on WM5 Smartphone I'm considering switching back. The screen on the Dash is beautiful and wider, but there is no denying that the Treo keyboard is the best ever implemented on any device. Wifi was a plus but I never used it much. Even though the processor is faster on the the 750, Dash's Smartphone Edition OS just feels much faster. As a phone the Dash is easier to use and more pocketable. Yet the Treo is still fantastic, but I wish I had never experienced the thinness of the Dash before getting the Treo. I still have both and having a hard time deciding what to keep.
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    I am going to sell the 750. I just don't like the software and the screen is poor compared to the Dash and the 680. The Dash does feel faster, no doubt. The paint is a bit grippier than the 750, I suppose.

    The Dash does what I want. So does the 680. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I like both phones for different reasons. Not an easy decision. I guess that's one of the advantages of GSM; I can swap my SIM back an forth and use both!
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    I'm reviewing the Dash and the 680 right now, and you're right about them. They both have their strength's and weaknesses. I know the 680 is going back to Palm so I don't have to decide between them. Having both the Treo 700p and 700wx (I know I have too many devices) with EV-DO has spoiled me with speed. EDGE is pretty bad (it wouldn't be if I hadn't gotten used to EV-DO). The Dash is a great device, it's slim, feels great, has an amazing screen, being able to use the Palm Threaded Messaging App., and WiFi makes up for the lack of EVDO.
    Jimmie Geddes
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