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    Is there a version of Windows Media Player or WinAmp or other standard type player (for an internet enabled cell phone or hand held) that will...

    ...let you tune in any of the standard (free) internet radio stations and listen on any internet enabled cell phone or handheld?

    I know there is lots of stuff for downloading then listening... but I'm talking about listening to a live real-time stream. Examples...

    Talk at . . . . . . .
    NPR at . . . . . . .
    Smooth Jazz at . mms://

    or any of the many other internet radio stations.

    I think there are paid services but I'm talking about the standard free internet radio as it exist.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Probably depends on what phone you have and what OS is on the phone. The Treos can stream these with various software depending on which Treo you have (Kinoma for the PalmOS, WMP for with WM5 phones, etc) and which format it's in.
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    I had to install tcpmp to get consistent streaming stations. It's worked fine for me for about six months.

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