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    I thought you were using the Pearl?

    I am seriously considering the black Q released today. I prefer Palm OS but love the 750 form factor. But I'm finding the Cingular data network really unreliable. Most of the time it connects but can't transfer the data, I have to disconnect and try one or two times more to get it work.

    I tried the Q when it first came out but decided to go with the 700p. But after several months of lags, bluetooth problems, and no update from Palm gave up. Verizon now supports the Q as a modem (it didn't when first released) and I know it worked with the bluetooth on my car when I tried it months ago (which the 750v has fits with). The new black soft touch coating sounds alot like the one the 750v that I love.
    you are correct! i was using the Q prior to the Pearl's release. and yes, it was the instability of the treo platforms (memory), size, and battery that led me to other devices. i love the fact that Verizon now supports the Q as a modem, that was something i had hoped for. the black soft touch sounds a lot more appealing than the plain/plastic silver one that i owned.

    best success
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas View Post
    I was not suggesting that the Q's battery is any better or any worse than the Treo's - the Q may, in fact, be a little better than my 700p with the standard battery. I am an intensive user of my devices - sometimes I will stand in my booth at an empty tradeshow and pound out text messages and surf the web continually - my Q is only good for a couple of hours of that -my Treo with an extended battery would last twice as long. .
    didn't catch the extended battery part, and yes, it definately faired better (oem vs oem) than the Treo and both under intensive workload.

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