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    currently have the treo 650 thru sprint. I have had a treo for about 2 years. The last 6 mos I have had constant dropped calls. I work from home and travel alot for business. I need a phone that is STABLE.

    I have used DH's treo 650 and don't have that many problems with dropped calls here in the office. Whereas mine its atleast 6-7 dropped calls a day from the office.

    Lots of people I know have the BB I have LOVED my treo, but decided that stability is more important (not professional when I am on the phone with a client and have 2 dropped calls KWIM)

    I called Sprint and told them of my problem, been loyal customer for over 7 years (have 5 cells on a plan etc) I am was due for a partial upgrade ($75 ) But not til Feb.

    I talked to the retention dept and she agreed to get me the 8703e at web pricing etc so I only pay $199

    Of course now I am wondering am I going to LOVE the BB

    -I am CONSTANTLY using the web browsing to kill time, but to check email
    -Bummed there isn't an SD slot as I put files on there so I can do some light work (word and excel)
    -use memos and calendar sync all the time to desktop
    -I know its a sucky camera on the 650 but I admit I do use it for quick snap (I know not full resolution)
    -I only paid $5 or so for the vision, but the BB 'vision' plan is $40 a month

    She told me I have 30 days to try the BB if I am not happy I could try the new treo 700

    Did I make the right decision

    does it come with the programs for word, excel, powerpoint or is all that extra?
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    BBs are an alright phone at best. They're a better email machine by far. If you receive a lot of email with attachments, you will soon be disappointed. This is why I don't have a BB. Many more apps available for POS and WM5 than BB. Guess you need to decide what is important to you.
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    I've been on palm os since the palm pilot, and got a treo 650 the first week they came out and used it religiously until I moved and could no longer complete calls from my new house on Cingular, so I switched to Tmobile and after patiently waiting for more than 2 years for palm to deliver a real successor to the 650 or at least something that was less brick like, I took advantage of an offer to get a free Blackberry Pearl while switching carriers.

    I've been using it for three weeks and am in the process of switching back to the treo. I don't understand what all the buzz about blackberry is; in fact, I think that most BB users must just be people who never tried palm or don't demand much from their device other than email.

    If you even use your calendar on the treo at all, you will feel like you downgraded and took a huge leap into the past. For example - on the BB, if you want to change the length of time for a reminder on a single calendar event, you have to open this ugly, disorganized screen with visually indistinguishable text fields and scroll 1.5 pages down (past a setting for which time zone the event occurs in), select the reminder period, change the value, then confirm that you want to save the change - and if you don't have a pearl, I understand that you can only navigate vertically by holding an alternate key while rolling the scroll wheel (as opposed to just rolling the track ball on the pearl).

    If you text message much on your treo, you no doubt have been spoiled by the threaded SMS. You just won't find anything like this on Blackberry, in fact in the BB OS, despite their claim to rule mobile email - you can't even separate your incoming and outgoing text messages from your email! That's right - they both end up in the same folder and there's no way to separate them! Sure you can filter the inbox to only display text messages, but you have to do this every time you view it; there's no hack for this or way to make shortcuts to the different views and it's just accepted by BB users. I send and receive almost a 1,000 text messages a month and was totally lost on the BB. It was so bad I just had to manage my email separately (not even utilizing the [otherwise very functional] push email).

    If you've ever installed a 3rd party application or hack on your treo, as a blackberry user you will be very sad to learn that the BlackBerry community is so small and stagnant, that of the maybe 30 after market applications available, nobody makes free ones and there are almost no hacks at all. Pretty much, the software that comes installed on the phone is what you get (unless you want to pay $150+ for the one available program that does MS Office stuff or buy some games), though the gmail client is beautiful and the maps application is sick and could trounce google maps for the treo (more fluid and responsive).

    I have to admit, the trackball on the Pearl is totally revolutionary, the form factor and it's shininess are wicked sexxy, and it types quite well, but I tricked myself into thinking it would be maybe 2/3 as functional as my treo and half the size. Unfortunately it's just not. I've felt like my productivity has been totally stifled these last few weeks and am glad to be back in the land of palm os once again.
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