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    AV English Translation
    Original page

    < Reporting data > Press release table of contents

    March 14 of 2001 day

    New commodity

    This time also music enjoys
    In addition to clear picture * letter indication, stamina efficiency completeness
    Furthermore to be easy to use, stylishly new " クリエ " sale

    Personal entertainment organizer " CLIE " " PEG-N700C "


    The SONY marketing (inc.) (president: Forest genuine Hiroshi and head office: The Tokyo Minato-ku), the Palm OS (R) the personal entertainment organizer " CLIE which is adopted (the クリエ)" " PEG-N700C " (color liquid crystal loading) it sells.

    Type name Sale day Desired retail price
    Personal entertainment organizer " CLIE (クリエ)"
    " PEG-N700C " (color liquid crystal loading) April 7 day Open price

    As for the SONY portable terminal " クリエ ", as for management of personal data such as everyday schedule and address book of course, connecting), with the cooperation and the portable telephone with the personal computer, such as indication of the graphics data and application (picture attachment to address book expanding the pleasure which utilizes network such as mail transmission and home page perusal it was defeated.
    This time " PEG-N700C " of sale the magic gate (below mg) equips the private slot which corresponds to the memory stick, the mg memory stick (selling separately) the music data which records the headphone (attachment) with it is possible with the personal computer and the like of waiting to enjoy easily. In addition, the place where you see high resolution of the 320×320 dot due to the adoption of front light/write loading reflection type TFT color display and the individual high grade font, is not chosen and the clear picture and character expression are made possible. Due to audio playback function and picture indication functional high picture quality conversion, e.g., video image is enjoyed, method of enjoying the image spreads more ahead going out.
    While doing various functional strengthening, normality use approximately 15 days music continual playback of approximately 11 hours (at the time of picture indication elimination) it achieves stamina efficiency.
    Furthermore, also the software of correspondence increases, ジョグダイヤル function ease of use improves. Pull-down of the menu and it can do scroll operation even with the software of ジョグダイヤル non- correspondence, " ジョグアシスト function " et cetera are loaded. While loading TFT color display, lightweight (base machine mass: 160 g) So actualizing stylish substance design by the fact that satin silver color is adopted for the compact substance, you are


    - Main merit


    1. Audio playback functional loading
    The magic gate (mg) it equips the memory stick slot. Copyright protective technology " MagiC$gate " is adopted, simultaneously with the protection of the proprietor, the environment which can enjoy the music contents and the like safely is actualized. Of the music data and the voice data of image which from the stock PC record to the mg メモリーステック it is reproducible.

    2. High resolution color display adoption
    High resolution of the 320×320 dot you adopt front light/write loading reflection type TFT color display. Not choosing clear picture indication outside the interior is possible. In addition, the individual " the ハイレゾフォント " (high grade the character font) you adopt, you actualize the letter indication which it is easy to read.

    3. The actualization of stylish & stamina efficiency
    The Palm OS (R as a) * TFT color liquid crystal on-board model, in the same class smallest * most light weight actualization (as of March 14th). With the lithium ion polymer charge pond of built-in various functional strengthening were done with normality use approximately 15 days, actualized the stamina efficiency of approximately 11 hours with music continual playback in spite. In addition, adjusting to the substance design of small size * light weight, it finished the substance with the satin silver color which more engenders stylish image.

    4. Strengthening the ジョグダイヤル function
    Also the software of correspondence increases, ジョグダイヤル function ease of use improves. It can do the pull-down and scroll operation of the menu even with the application software of ジョグダイヤル non- correspondence, it loads " ジョグアシスト function ". In addition, the BACK button which resets the display screen one class ago is equipped anew.


    1. Music playback software " Audio Player (ver.1.0)" loading
    You install the software " OpencMg Jukebox " which manages the music contents on the PC, to the stock PC from attachment CD-ROM, recording the music data which is retained in the PC to the mg memory stick, you are possible to play back with the knitting machine. On the picture of the クリエ and it can do also various setting and operation simply with the ジョグダイヤル and headphone remote control.

    2. TV program acquisition function " TV Scape (ver.1.0)" < * In 4 ends of the month free distribution schedule >
    Connection * 1 it does the TV program information which So-net " television kingdom " offers , in network and optimizing in the picture of the クリエ making use of the " TV Scape ", it is possible to indicate. In addition, " the TV Scape " top day and time just is selected simply can access & can procure without inputting the URL of " television kingdom ", at.
    Collecting the program data of maximum of one week, it is available. In addition, the video recording reservation * program management software " Giga Pocket which is loaded onto the part model of our company personal computer " biology " (the giga pocket)" (above the ver.2.0) with also gearing is possible. You reserve sets with " the TV Scape " of the クリエ the data which in biology " of Giga Pocket " loading the Hot Sync (due to USB connection the data sending and receiving) it does program video recording reservation in biology easily completes by the fact that.

    * " The coupling cable " of 1 various portable telephone * PHS (selling separately) the " Mobile communique ー Shaun adapter ー " (selling separately) with contract with Internet provider becomes other way necessary.

    3. Can do also TV program playback animated picture ビューワー " gMovie " loading which
    Without choosing time or the place, with " the gMovie " it can enjoy TV program.
    The video recording reservation * program management software " Giga Pocket which is loaded onto the part model " of biology " (the giga pocket)" (above the ver.2.0) with retention * it does the program which was videotaped with " the gMovie " format, records to the memory and the メモリーステック on the substance, it is possible to play back with the クリエ. In addition, also it is possible to retain the audio equipped animated picture image which was photographed with the video camera and the like not only TV program, with " the PictureGear4.3lite " of attachment, to record to the メモリーステック and the substance and to play back. Record time differs depending upon picture quality, but the color image it is approximately 60 - 160 minute records possible in the memory stick of the 128MB.

    * The " Giga Pocket " (above the ver.2.0) with the application software which reaches the point where it can retain " gMovie " type distribution (gratuitousness) does after the PEG-N700C selling. Time does simultaneously with the free distribution of various software for the クリエ.

    4. Map ビューワー function " Navin'You Pocket (ver.1.0)" loading < * In 4 ends of the month free distribution schedule >
    The map information which is needed simply from the map data on the stock PC can be cut off, " the Map Cutter (the ver.1.0)" < Distribution after the selling (gratuitousness) it becomes > So it can look at the data which is cut off with the クリエ. Also the map picture is easy to see due to high resolution display, ahead going out you can use for the atlas substituting the クリエ.

    Version raising also the colorful application software below, it is loaded.
    The photograph of 0 high resolutions can be brought up with the クリエ, " the PictureGear Pocket (the ver.1.1)" loading.
    0 SONY original Mailer " CLIE Mail whom it is easy to use (the ver.1.0)" it loads anew.
    Software " Palmscape for 0 Internet perusal (ver.4.0)" loading.
    0 composition conversion functional " ATOK Pocket " loading which is superior.
    In 0 ハイレゾフォント correspondences easy to see PIM software (address register * schedule chart * To Do * memo pad) loading.

    < " The TV Scape (the ver.1.0)" " the Navin'You Pocket (the ver.1.0)" " the Map Cutter (the ver.1.0)" to in regard, in 4 ends of the month vis-a-vis the user's registration person of the knitting machine from the クリエホームページ it is the schedule which distributes gratuitously. Detailed time and the like, http: Please view the // >


    - Main specification

    Type name PEG-N700C
    OS Japanese edition Palm OS ver.3.5
    CPU Dragonball VZ (33mHz)
    Memory 8MB (DRAM) *1/8MB (Flash)
    Interface *3 USB/ infrared ray (IrcDa (1.2))
    LCD display

    Resolution Front light/write loading reflection type TFT color display
    External size 71 (W) ×118.5 (H) ×16.8 (D) mm
    Mass Approximately 160g (the stylus it includes)
    Audio function
    Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20,000Hz
    Record medium Magic gate memory stick
    Recording type ATRAC3 system
    Largest sound recording time *4 Approximately 120 minutes (bit rate 132kbps)
    Approximately 160 minutes (bit rate 105kbps)
    Approximately 240 minutes (bit rate 66kbps)
    At the time of music playback available time *5 Approximately 11 hours (at the time of display elimination) / approximately 3 hours (at the time of display indication)
    Power source Lithium ion polymer charge pond (built-in)
    Available time Usual use time *2 approximately 15 days

    *1: The user active territory the 7MB is
    *2: Time of Audio Player non- use
    *3: Corresponding to also the serial, you are
    *4: Time of magic gate memory stick MSG-12C8a use
    *5: Time of front light/write ON

    - Personal computer hardware requirement

    Corresponding OS Windowsc98,98se,2000Professional Edition, ME standard installation
    CPU MMX technology Pentium233mHz or more (recommendation above Pentium_400MHz)
    Memory Or more of 64MB
    Necessary hard disk capacity *6 above 128MB
    Display Stylishness - recommendation above and above 800×600dots
    Connected port USB port
    Drive CD-ROM drive

    *6: In installation of the CD data base above the 100MB, the territory where it is suitable to file capacity is necessary in retention of the music file.

    * Inquiry from customer:
    The SONY marketing (inc.) customer consultation center
    TEL 0570-00-3311 (Nabi dial) 03-5448-3311 (in case of portable telephone * PHS)
    * The SONY drive URL http: //

    Commodity | campaign * event * cm information | repair for commodity | business of home consultation

    Inquiry | TEXT ONLY | trade mark | note | searching | company information

    (C) Copyright 2000 Sony Marketing (Japan) the Inc. All rights reserved.
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    You can also check out The Clie looks pretty cool and since it has 320x320 resolution and color TFT it's making my Prism look bad.

    How and/or what did they do to get the resolution of the Clie to 320x320???? I hope that the next color version from HS will be able to use whatever Sony did with the Clie.

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    Those new silkbottons got me really curious now......
    How i wish to get my hands on one of these.....
    I might even get one from Japan, screw warrenty, Im getting it anyway =P
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    Originally posted by meitsjustme
    Those new silkbottons got me really curious now......
    How i wish to get my hands on one of these.....
    I might even get one from Japan, screw warrenty, Im getting it anyway =P
    When pics of the original Cli were first circulating the web, I read somewhere that the additional silkscreen buttons had to do with entering text in Japanese. They probably won't show up on the US release, nor will they probably have any use for English speakers.

    I have to hand it to Sony. I was less than lukewarm about the first Cli, but it looks like the company got it right this time. I love the design of the unit, and I especially love the fact that Sony was able to double the resolution.

    This is a great time for the Palm platform: higher resolutions, slimmer form factors with color, cheaper entry-level models, an upcoming i-mode Palm. Now all we need is a color Edge.
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    The price is not as bad as I thought it would be....., Actually, I would say it quite......CHEAP!
    According to a Bloomberg news item, it will be priced at about 50,000 yen, ($416), considering the high price of gadgets in Japan, I would think this is the best buy yet. It's got speed, beauty, great display, great features, good brandname, expansion... Its FULLY LOADED! If it is as good as it seems, I probably would ditch Handspring this time....
    We love the competition! =D
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    Great research, meitsjustme -- you should think about starting a site!
    Now we see once again why Sony is Sony.
    You don't stay on top for, what, 30 yrs? for nothing.
    (Hey, James -- guess it's time to add SNE (Sony) to the stock-trakcer on the VC home page. 68 right now; they're worth it.)
    Gotta give 'em credit.
    Blows the whole mkt. open.
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    I was completely off guard, did not know Sony has something, too...

    I guess I have to have little more time to look at the thing, but personally I don't dig that design that much, which is rare for me being die-hard SONY fun since first Walkman...

    edge, Clie, and new Palm's coming, too? what a %#$@ is going on!!? can't catch up with stuff!! I feel like being in Japan again, where you have to buy new cellphone once a year or two to just keep up with new stuff, you know...

    one thing we have not yet seen, and probably won't see here in the State, is Sharp's Zaurus MI-E1. it has every feature the new Clie has, plus built-in keyboard which slides out. I like to see that thing here, too, stirring up this whole PDA thing and make it more interesting!!

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    forgot to mention, did you notice the design of the remote for headphone? two cords coming out from same end. you know that is a good design. and from that you can tell CLIE is meant to be in shirts' pocket rather than in bag.

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    This is hurting me a lot. Personally, I can't stand anything sony ever made, everything. But this...this is....looking great. I had no idea Sony had the talent to make such a great handheld. Built in mp3 playback, wow. Headphone jack, good speaker (from what people are saying) and a jog dial (WHEN THE HELL ARE MANUF GONNA REALIZE THIS SHOULD BE IN EVERY HANDHELD!!!). MS isn't really half bad either. I was looking foward to getting a MS adapter for my VDx. Everything on this handheld looks great. Did I mention it really hurts to say this? :P Sony would be a bunch of idiots if they didn't release this baby in the US/Canada. Its exactly what the palm platform has been looking for, a real move to multimedia. Handspring started it, but looks like Sony did it better. If this pops up in US/Can, I will seriously consider getting this over a new Visor. Damn this hurts to say. I wonder, Springboard to Memory Stick adapter, possible? COME ON HAND, LETS SEE SOME INNOVATION. Lets see you guys top Sony with something totally better, and lets see it soon, cause....its getting harder and harder to resist that silver sony devil.

    Oh yeah, anyone know how the new clie plays back mp3s, does it go right through the dragonball or does it have a seperate mp3 decompressor?
    I swear, she told me she was 16!
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    They are supposedly using a DSP for the MP3 playback.

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    Is it possible to purchase the japanese version of the clie on the palm japan website? Or can I buy from a japanese store? Also, if it is posible can i just download the os in english?????
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    Originally posted by ferni71
    Is it possible to purchase the japanese version of the clie on the palm japan website? Or can I buy from a japanese store? Also, if it is posible can i just download the os in english?????
    You probably don't want to load an english Palm OS into the Clie. Sony has modified their Palm OS to support all of Clie's added features...putting a reg. Palm OS would be...unwise.
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    so no matter what I can't get this pda
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    Sony always knew how to design. That's a beautiful PDA, and, at 320x320 resolution, will probably be my next PDA.

    Any plans for a ClieCentral?
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    Too bad, The color depth just 256 color
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    Boy, do Palm and Handspring look bad with this one. To all the nay-sayers: It is possible to increase the resolution without having to **** around until 2002 with OS 5! I'm so pleased with Sony on this. Leave it to the underdog to do come up with real innovation. If they release it in the States I might just buy it. I figured changing the resolution to 320 x 320 would be the easiest way to increase resolution. Everything set to 160 x 160 will just have four pixels dedicated to rendering 1, and we'll leave it to developers to create apps that can take advantage of the better resolution probably Sony themselves for a while. HA!
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  17. Ken
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    This is hilarious. I just love watching all of this unfold. First the Edge. Now the Sony CLIE PEG-N700C (320x320 LCD!). Next the Palm M-whatever.

    I live in Malaysia, and believe it or not I see very few Palm痴 around here. But I do see a lot of HP痴, Compaq痴, and Casio痴. (In Europe HP and Compaq痴 market share jumped from 18% to 31% last year).

    All this said, it will be interesting to see who痴 left standing in, oh about five years. I think it痴 safe to say that Psion won稚 be with us much longer.
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    It looks and sounds great. That said:

    (1) They aren't selling it here, at least not yet, and

    (2) I seem to recall that when the original CLIE came out, everyone was predicting Sony would eat Handspring's lunch. Hasn't happened, obviously - in fact, I'd go so far as to say the current CLIE kind of sucks. I've played with one at my local CompUSA, and was very unimpressed - although I confess to digging the jog dial.

    By the time they get around to selling the thing over here, I'm willing to bet Palm and Handspring will have more or less matched it feature-wise.

    One other point - I read on Reuters that the new Sony does not really support MP3s, but some proprietary Sony music format. To quote: "Sony's PDA, however, plays audio files in the ATRAC 3 format it developed, rather than the widely used MP3 digital audio compression format." Not really surprising I guess, given the fact that Sony is a big music distributor.
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    Not to mention if Sony repeats history there will be no mac support. Just out of curiosity, how hard is it to ship the devices to America and add a page to their website? If nothing else I hope Sony's innovations slap some sense into Palm and Handspring and get the ball rolling on real features. Keep a low-end device that services as a pda, but be willing to do something with higher-end devices besides changing the packaging.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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