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    I don't know anyone mentioned this or not, but one of the thing that CLIE designed to do is "watch recorded TV programs on your way".

    HDD video recording is getting popular these day, most of SONY's VAIO desktop sold in Japan now has built in TV tuner and recording capability, let you use PC as video deck as well.

    What you can do with CLIE is, you download what you recorded to Memory Stick and watch it on the train to work or during your lunch break.

    This concept was already out there in Japan since the introduction of Sharp's ZAURUS MI-E1 last fall, although they use independent tuner/recorder device in their set ups, rather than having desktop PC. New CLIE was introduced to compete with ZAURUS, rather than other Palms like visor. You could tell that by looking at specs. Rather than going for ultra thin and simple device like Palm V and visor edge, which not a difficult thing to do at all for SONY, new CLIE does look like Sharp's counterpart and do almost same thing, more or less. In addition to that, SONY has this ultra thin and small, purpose-built info-viewer for those who do not need anything but address/to do, that kinda stuff.

    They went for "total entertainment concept" that they are talking about for past few years with new CLIE, and seems like Sharp is standing on the same ground. That makes me wonder what other PDA makers thinking. Where Handspring's at? WHAT IS VISOR MEANT TO DO?

    Are they gonna bring new CLIE? Well, I don't know. But let me ask you these; are you gonna watch your favorite program on the train? you really want to have the audio and video player to drain the battery so that you have to charge it so often? I guess not, but it seems they don't mind doing that in Japan.

    There are some cultural differences and there are different kind of mentalities among Japanese, which drive the companies to come up with all those nice, new stuff in relatively short span, and people are sort of forced to belive that those devices are "standard" or "must-have"(everyone has so you gotta have one, too) by heavy advertisement, and people continuously want to have more and better, since it become so "natural" to do so.

    Call us Japanese "sick" if you like, 'cos we don't mind that, but we do mind a lot if getting behind of "trends". It's just our nature, sad but true.

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    Got an email from Sony Germany: I asked when the new Clie would be available in Germany. They didn't know but they thought it could be just after the CeBit.
    Maybe the Clie is available in the US then, too.
    Otherwise i will buy some here in Germany and send them over to you...
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    According to this Cnet news item, It's going to be on sale in the US midyear. 'it might not have the same spec and price though', at least it should have 320X320 and music capability, hope palm and handspring can keep up with it! =)
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