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    I think I saw from Sony's site that they have a program that will provide MAC support
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    Holy ****! I was completely surprised by the new Clie. Guess I'll wait and see how much it costs in the States. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I might just abandon HS. Good thing I didn't buy any more modules. Of course Mac support is a must.

    I'm just stunned and here we all thought we were confined to 160 x 160 with bad sound capabilities. Maybe now HS and Palm will wake up!
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    The only reason I still use a PalmPilot Professional is because I refuse to spend more money on a another miniscule 160x160 resolution screen.

    I won't buy the Sony model, though. Because of Sony's "varied interests," they will have too many constraints on this device regarding audio & video playback--kinda like Microsoft.

    But Sony has set a new agenda. Now, the standard is 320x320 color on a Palm handheld. I'm sure that Handspring isn't far behind. Palm--who cares, I won't buy another Palm until they have Mac support out of the box.
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    If I read the translation of the specs correctly, this device has 8mb RAM and 8mb FlashRAM with 7mb accessible to the user!!! (8MB (DRAM) *1/8MB (Flash))

    This is really the cherry on top. When this device makes it to the US if it really has 8mb of RAM and 7mb of accessible FlashRAM along with the 320x320 color display and memory stick expandability it will Kick ****!!! If it prices at $400 or less with all the included accessories (speakers, etc.) it will blow away the competition at the high end of the market. I think I would definitely abandon Handspring for this. I love my Vdx, but I'm not about to be that loyal.
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    8 meg of Ram, plus 7 meg of Flash RAM ... that's fantastic! Don't forget that it also supports the memory stick for even more storage. Very nice.

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    Hey...I'm #25...give this discussion a flaming folder please!

    <span style="color: blue;">Where's the "Make Coffee" button again?</span>
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    The 320x320 resolution is very cool. I can't wait to see it work and look at the APIs to program it. But keep a couple of things in mind.

    I strongly doubt if the SONY customized PalmOS 3.5 that is on the new Clie provides any support for this mode. Looking at all of the pictures on Sony's web site, it appears that the unit is still running 160x160 with pixel and scan-line doubling. That means that any standard PalmOS apps (including the ones in the ROM), will look the same as the current apps. It's no accident that the new resolution that they support is exactly double the standard resolution in both dimensions.

    This means that only apps written specifically for the Sony will be able to take advantage of the resolution. This is still cool, but don't confuse it with having an OS that supports higher resolutions. Hopefully, whatever support that they have provided will be supported by Palm in the distant future. Talking to executives at Palm, they like to take back work that has been done by licensees for inclusion in newer versions of the OS. A good example of this is the 16-bit color support on the Prism. HandSpring evidently shared this with Palm and this is the basis for the 16-bit support in PalmOS v4.

    In a post up above, **** Richardson says "To all the nay-sayers: It is possible to increase the resolution without having to **** around until 2002 with OS 5". I am not aware that anyone said that a manufacturer couldn't make a higher resolution device. We all said that the OS wouldn't support it until v5. This is still true. OS support means that built-in apps running at the screen resolution and ALL standard API calls supporting the new resolution. If SONY really did their homework, the latter could be true, but the former would require new fonts, bitmaps, and a heck of a lot of support code and testing. The photos don't look like they did it.

    The other problem is that it is going to be slow. I didn't notice the color depth, but another post indicated that it is 8 bit/pixel. If this is true, the graphics will be about one-half as fast as the the graphics on the Prism (which is dog-slow next to the Platinum). This is because they are pushing twice as many data (four times as many pixels with half the bits/pixel). This is probably why they chose to use 8 bits/pixel instead of 16 bit/pixel. A screen of graphics is still about 100KB.

    Don't get me wrong, I am very exited about this and can't wait to see it in person. The mapping app looks incredible. Let's just not confuse what is probably there with what is probably not there.
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    I don't agree with you. If it were really as slow as you think then Sony wouldn't have made it in the first place. Many people felt that it couldn't be done with the current OS (it's ok if you want to exclude yourself from that category ) and Sony has done it- with 3.5 none the less. No, I don't think it took a great deal of work all they had to do was make the current apps run using 4 pixels to 1, but at least someone took the first step.

    You could have said the same thing about the SB and the Prism's 16-bit color in terms of lack of support, but both have done well. Higher resolution is very appealing and I think many programmers will implement it. I also don't think Sony would simply include a feature and not stand behind it.
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    Originally posted by lennonhead
    I also don't think Sony would simply include a feature and not stand behind it.

    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    Yeah, well hopefully they've learned from their mistakes.
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    brad, what you said is backed up by one of the review.
    it`s saying;
    -it is slow when you switching screen (...please wait...)
    -they got font and stuff to support high-reso, but any current softwares will be doubled automatically

    review was concluding about screen, "you got trade off here; lose speed for high resolution."

    oh, by the way, all those SONY`s Network Walkman are ATRAC3, and it`s been out there for long time. I thought Minidisk use the same thing as well for data compression/

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    So I stand corrected on the speed issue. Too bad.

    When I heard about the compression I figured it was the same thing the MiniDisks use too. Does anyone know for sure? If that's the case I don't see a problem, all you'd have to do is convert your MP3's into the other format and load the music onto a Memory Stick.
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    At first, I thought.. AWESOME! this is going to be SO cool. I really thought that. NOW I've read the boards. THREE hours of battery life, the thickest palm ever, slow, complicated..

    Sony has all the right features. Just the problem is, son'y ahead of it's time. The batterys are n't there yet, and neither is the processor. One day we'll see this, but not now.

    I do hope that Palm, includes some real changes in OS 4.5 .

    This might be cool, but it's just not right..

    though the price is UNBEATABLE!
    -Michael Ducker
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    Why does everyone say it is so thick? It is thinner than the VisorDx and Prism. It may be the thickest Clie, but it isn't large by any means.
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    Please don't read my previous post and think that I am against the new Clie. I am a hopeless early adopter junkie and will undoubtedly get one as soon as (if) they are available for the US market. It's just that I spent a lot of years working for a company that made graphics controllers for flat panels through the years of increasing resolution and color-depth on notebook computers (glad to be out of that industry - it's insane). The types of trade-offs that need to be made, and their ramifications are just too familiar. All I was trying to do is point out some of the high points. There are a number of other issues that come to mind, but are relatively trivial.

    I can't wait to take the software apart (metaphorically) and see what it does and doesn't do.
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    lennonhead, you are correct, you just have to convert music into ATRAC3, so CDs, records, 8 trucks whatever you wish.

    brad, I just amazed by the stuff you know, I wish I could talk like that....

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    You know, now that I think about it, the new well it looks good, but it could be better. With that thing's battery life, I'd be having to recharge all the time. Lack of mp3 support is also a downer, I don't want to convert all my mp3s, unless it can do it during the sync. The way it looks, sony won't sell this in the US anyway. One thing for sure, this gave the Palm licenses a good wakeup call. I have no doubt now, that Handspring will work on topping this clie.
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    Now, thats really impressive......, check out the maps on the Clie 700, all I could say is: I'm getting it or it successor. (Can afford to ditch my VPL yet..) =P

    All the rest are here
    English translation: here

    Too bad it not available to the rest of the world =( I'm glad that one of my friends is going to Japan this summer, gotta start saving up now.....hehehe. =P
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    160X160--320X320 compare

    That I like, a flat cradle...

    Is it really THAT thick? see for yourself:
    (compared to the old clie)

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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    <snip> THREE hours of battery life <snip>
    I believe this is for music playback.
    I believe the figure for standard apps is 11 hrs.
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