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    I was reading something about Palm's new color device on ZDnet-Japan, and I think it was saying it will have TFT color screen being "side-lit", as oppose to "back-lit", like many devices include Prism, nor "reflect" like CLIE, so it will be sort of "half-reflect".

    that's what I remember, I could be wrong... but anyone know or see that kind of color screen? I'm kind curious.

    as you might know, CLIE's color version is out there in Japan already and there are many reviews talking about their reflect color screen being so dim, but works kinda good under sun light. usual back-lit color being completely opposite. guess Palm had learn something there...

    so, that might be interesting thing to see, right?

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    I believe this is the same kind of screen as used in the iPaq.
    Matt Nichols
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    went to ZDnet site to see review of ipaq, it was saying reflective TFT. I haven't seen the thing working, so I don't know.

    hey, anyone played with ipaq, could you tell me what it look like?

    the reason I'm asking this is, it might relate to the battery consumption; with back-lit constantly on, it drains battery quicker. with half-reflect, it might last longer since it depends on natural light sources as well as built-in light.

    and let's hope new color visor take the best choice of what's out there...


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