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    Whenever I turn on my head set I get a notification prompt/text in the lower left hand corner of the phone. Does anyone know how to turn off this very annoying message? I have looked all over the phone and cannot figure it out.
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    I had the same annoying problem among many many other annoyances including but not limited to:
    slow slow slow sluggish performance
    phone button on/off delay of up to 2 seconds
    build quality, worst of any phone i ever used
    clicky sound of keyboard
    camera delay
    etc etc etc

    its a POS in my opinion not worth the money at all
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    I am returning mine. The only thing that almost had me keeping it was the GPS but the other items I use every day and were an issue. I have an 8525 now and LOVE it. I am going to get the 750 when it comes out so I hope that is within the next 30 days so if I like that better I can return the 8525.

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