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    Thinner, faster, more color.

    This seems where the Palm PDA manufacturers are focusing their efforts. Indeed these are exciting times for these little gadgets.

    My question, what about the software side? When are the integrated apps going to be upgraded? I think its time. Mail (where is Multimail and when will it be a basic app PALM?) and notepad are basically useless with their size limits. The calendar is okay, but needs some tuning. I could live with the To do list and Address book.

    Sure, Handspring have spiffed up the apps but they haven't gone far enough.

    Some people got excited when Handspring bought Bluelark, the browser maker. What the point of buying a company that gives their products away? Even when you throw in the server part.

    They should of saved that money and acquired either or

    If either of these two companies products were included in the purchase of the Edge (or any future Palm PDA) would make it a more exciting buy.

    BTW, I think iambic would be a better fit because of their e-mail app.

    Thinner, faster, more color is what the Palm Manufactures should be focusing on, but not the only thing. We need updated integrated application. And we need them before the evil empire convinces the future PDA buying public that they could do more out of box when you buy a pocket PC. Which, if you are an OFFICE user you can.

    Now, I'm not saying that Palm and its allies need to match the Pocket PC feature for feature. But, a better e-mail app and better integration with Word (or other word processors) are the least the could do.
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    I agree.

    I'd really like to see an updated calendar and to-do list.

    I'd like Palm to buy Jack Back and make that standard with the Palm OS.

    And better security would be a big plus as well.
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    Don't the new Palm m105's come with multimail? I thought I saw that somewhere. Hope HS starts shipping it too, us Mac users are a bit left out unless we want to pay for multimail.
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    a DEMO of multimail.. You still need to buy the full version.
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    a DEMO of multimail.. You still need to buy the full version.
    That sucks.
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    I think wordsmith would be a good inclusion in lieu of the Memo Pad.
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