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    many of you know of my tribulations with the Treo700p and Sprint, especially over the past two weeks. crazy resets, a cracked screen, a dishonored sales agreement and crappy, crappy, CRAPPY service. (search for my other posts if you're interested)

    Last weekend, after attempting to get some form of concession from SprintPCS, I walked to the mall and purchased a BlackBerry Pearl from a T-Mobile dealer. It was my intention to trial the device for two weeks and return it. I really just wanted to find out if I could live without the Treo/PalmOS. Then I was going to go back to the Treo and fight it out with Sprint at least until the Spring 2007 phones came out.

    Two hours ago, I called T-Mobile and had them port my number over from Sprint to the BlackBerry Pearl. I am keeping this phone.

    Tomorrow, I will buy another and set it up for my girlfriend.

    I am through with Sprint and the PalmOS and most definitely, the treo 700pieceof****.

    I called Sprint repeatedly throughout the week, telling them I had a T-Mobile device and was prepared to leave due to my crappy experience with the Treo and with Sprint's customer service. Each time, they either told me I was *** out of luck or the call was dropped/disconnected/mis-routed to idiots. (one guy said, "You should not be having problems. You have a smart phone. It is smart, so you should have no problems.")

    In contrast, I called T-Mobile on Monday to complain that something was wrong with the BlackBerry. I was handed to a live operator within the first minute. I was passed through to the "smartphone/PDA support department" within two minutes of that. Fifteen minutes later, the rep had finished guiding me through problem resolution. This has never, EVER happened with Sprint.

    In the end, Sprint offered me a $75 credit for my troubles. They told me I'd have to go to a Sprint store and have my Treos "serviced" (aka, block off at least 4-5 hours of your life while you wait in a queue for more bad service). All I wanted was for them to replace my devices. Now Sprint must learn that I am not bluffing. When I say I'm about to leave, I mean it.

    Let's do the math on what Sprint lost.

    A seven year customer who has consistently paid, using heavy voice and data plans on high end devices.

    12 months per year x estimated monthly bill average of $150 = $1,800 of cash flow per year


    That's right. $12,600

    I was prepared to stay with Sprint another seven years or longer. These idiots just threw away guaranteed, high quality cash flow of about $13,000. And why?

    Because they would not replace two crappy handsets that they should have under the plan we agreed to (but they failed to activate).

    Because I was forced to call them nearly 20 times in order to get even the $75 "credit."

    Because there was an alternative. Thank you free market.

    And what am I getting from my T-Mo/BlackBerry combo? How does it stack up vs. Treo700p/Sprint

    - device is half the weight and size!! really. the brick is gone
    - vast majority of my favorite apps have comparables on the bberry
    (includes calendar, memo, todo, splashID, gmail, gmaps, IM, contacts, document viewing, audio player, handmark express, web browser)

    - much better gmail experience (mission critical)
    - instant and simple over the air sync with corporate email with ZERO configuration (mission critical). no need to BUY chatteremail.
    - nearly all hardware features of treo are on bbery and camera has a FLASH
    - suretype keyboard vs. full qwerty. my view after 7days: suretype is VERY good
    - actually syncs my cal and contacts with the Mac BETTER than treo
    - better battery life by far
    - better bluetooth by far
    - a phone that works around the world

    What am I losing?

    - the Palm OS. ha!! Let's just say I'm over the PalmOS
    - full qwerty. I'm over it after a mere seven days, and suretype learns, so it will only improve
    - video recording. don't care. never used it much. photos are much more important
    - vindigo city guides. i can replicate with zagat mobile and google maps (built in) but this is still a MAJOR loss. no doubt about it. significant collateral damage. I may keep my broken treo just for vindigo
    - iPedia software. it's a mobile wikipedia client. sad to lose but am over it
    - Sprint's "on demand" video and music. cry me a river. i'm fine with the iPod.
    - large screen. not a big deal. i have better font control on the Pearl anyway. plus it's small
    - EVDO data network. (see below)

    here's my take on EVDO. Yes, EVDO is much faster than T-Mobile's EDGE network.. in theory. In practice, however, the processing speed and memory on a mobile device is a large barrier, bringing both networks closer in real-world tests. More importantly, I can argue pretty strongly that an honest accounting of data speeds on Treo with Sprint MUST factor in the time it takes up for the device to freeze, reboot and otherwise destroy productivity


    This is a big day for me. I have used PalmOS devices since 1998. Sprint has been my only cell phone company. I was a Palm evangelist. I have been a fanboy from the start. Now, I'm walking away, and I feel that I'm gaining far more than I'm losing.

    I don't know if I can stress this. The Pearl HAS. NOT. CRASHED. ONCE. in the past seven days. The treo would have crashed at least 10 times.

    wish me luck, and I hope you find this useful/informative, especially those of you fed up with the 700p.

    There is another.
    - ag47
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    Say hello to oalvarez who feels the same way.

    Me, after the Dash and SDA, I'm back to my 650.
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    sorry, but... thou protest too much.
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    To each his own. My 700P has been extremely reliable. (BTW, are you saying the broken screen is Sprint's fault?)

    As far as plusses and minuses of the 2 phones, YMMV. I'm not going to argue one way of the other. But as for speed, I have to disagree. In my experience, my old 650 was faster than edge on many occasions, and the 700P simply blows it away, old OS or not. How important that is is up to each user to decide, but to imply that an Edge phone is effectively as fast as the 700 is bogus.

    Oh, I don't think my 700P has crashed in the last 7 days, either.

    FWIW, I absolutely agree that Sprint CS is as bad as it comes.
    Bob Meyer
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    see ya
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    Heh...interesting...I got my 700p to the way I want it and everything runs quick and stable. Last crash was over 2 weeks ago. The only annoyance at the moment is the bluetooth headset disconnecting (plantronics 640), but I ordered a discovery 655 from amazon b/c it's said to fix the issue.
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    sorry to hear you go but T-Mobile Service sucks in NYC area
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    I love my VZW 700P. Maybe it's just Sprint, cause vzw is pretty good. One thing about the Treos is the fantastic support such as this forum here. Treocentral is what makes treos so great for me!
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    I can't believe you went w/ the pearl, the thing is a piece. Why didn't you at least go with some windows mobile device that is at least close to fully functional?
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    For a device that you "loathe", I can't believe you wasted 10 minutes writing that manifesto. In fact, I think I should be slapped for wasting 10 minutes reading it.

    Good Luck with the squirrel...err, uhh, pearl.
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.
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    Hahahah .. GREAT post millsda2!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by millsda2 View Post
    For a device that you "loathe", I can't believe you wasted 10 minutes writing that manifesto. In fact, I think I should be slapped for wasting 10 minutes reading it.

    Good Luck with the squirrel...err, uhh, pearl.
    Aww come on... Its called venting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by volwrath View Post
    Aww come on... Its called venting.
    Sounds a little like whining to me....
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato
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    nothing wrong with venting - and ya don't have to read it if you don't want to. I say to each his own. I have been w/Sprint for 8 years and have had an overall great experience with them. Sounds to me like the OP was just as mad about the SERVICE as he was about the device. When you get mad at the company, it is easier to learn to live with something else. And T-M is doing a lot in the US market to gain share. However, at some point in the future they are gonna pi** him off too (probably when the keys start falling off the Pearl)!
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    Good luck with your choice. Where I live T-Mobile coverage is horrible. No matter how good the device is (and I think the 700p is it for me), it's worthless if you can't make a call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agnok47 View Post
    many of you know of my tribulations with the Treo700p and Sprint ...
    How could we not? Your posts were educational in a sort of "here's what happens when you go over the edge" sort of way. I'm going to miss you. Since you are sick of Palm and Sprint, why don't you return the Blackberry and try a Treo 700wx on Verizon? That you you wouldn't loose this valuable support group and we'll remain constantly reminded of why the Windows Mobile Platform is so bad! Seriously: I agree with you that the 700p has lots of reset problems, and it will take time and patience to work those out, and that wasn't a good situation for you. Best of luck with the Pearl. We need more defectors to drive the price of the Treo's down a bit. Thanks for sharing your experiences and best of luck with T-Mobile and the Pearl!
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    I never had good experiences while with Sprint, but why switch to T-Mobile? You should've researched before you signed up with them. If you really wanted the Pearl so bad, Cingular is getting it, too. At least then you'd have the coverage to use it.
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    Mobile Wikipedia:
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    I've had experiences with both Sprint and T-Mobile, and Sprint service has been pretty awful for me. T-Mobile, on the other hand, has always been a fine experience.

    That said, it hasn't been enough to drive me off my Sprint Treos. I've had one since they were introduced with flips and greyscale screens, and used every model since.

    I think the Treo 700p is still the best converged phone - but that might change. It seems that other systems are catching on and catching up, and if any of the current crop of PPC WM 5.0 phones had 340X340 screens, I might be gone. I also checked out the Pearl, but couldn't trade in my qwerty keyboard or my SD cards. (Pearl uses micro SD).

    Palm would be well-served to update their hardware soon, or they may be left in the dust, regardless of who's providing the service.

    Larry Z.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trextor View Post
    Mobile Wikipedia:
    Hey, this thread turned out to be useful after all.
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