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    The SPH-P9000 is a PDA-based device utilizing Mobile WiMAX and CDMA EV-DO connectivity. Users will have wireless access to the Internet utilizing Mobile WiMAX connectivity. Simultaneously, the CDMA EV-DO technology provides mobile phone connection for voice communication. With Microsoft Windows XP as the operating system, users will find the contents and applications familiar and easy to use for work and play.

    The SPH-P9000 comes with a QWERTY keyboard for painless typing and internet surfing, while the MP3 player function, VOD, and camera function provide a quick access to multimedia entertainment. The five inch WVGA screen is prepared for movie and document viewing, while the 30GB hard drive stores music, movies, and documents. All of these unique features are combined into one device that weighs in at a little over one pound.
    Too big for my pocket tho
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    Not to big for my purse! Bluetooth better work because you do not want to hold this think up to your ear. Like to have between an 80g - 100g harddrive.

    Can the SPH-9000 be consided a UMPC?

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