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    I am evaluating one of these smartphones. so fr, it is the thinnest, fastest phone of this type I have ever used. it is much better than the Motorola Q! It has a 312mhz processor, so it also is quite a bit faster than the Imate Sp5m/SDA. Battery life could be better, but the screen and keyboard are excellent. still testing Smartphone apps to see which ones run best on it. Anyone else have one of these tiny, yet functional phones?
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    I am curious bout it . How is the voice recpetion and signal as a phone ?
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    I have one and I have to agree .... nothing comes close to the functionality and form factor.
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    Could you speculate about how the Samsung would compare to the Nokia E-61/2, or the HTC DASH? Thanks!
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    Well. I had a Nokia E61 for the summer, and the Samsung is a much better phone. In part because it's smaller, faster, more reliable, but also because it syncs with Exchange directly and has many more applications that run on it.

    The Nokia was quite a challenge to get set up on tmobile for mms and wap, the i320 was a breeze. The Nokia's wifi was more headache then help and never liked my Cisco wifi access point. For whatever reason, the wifi was not as fast as Edge!

    My only beefs are limited support from Samsung, (haven't seen a rom update for example), use of a micro sd slot (yet another teeny tiny mem card I need!) and poorish battery life. The phone lasts most of a work day with light web browsing, push sync turned on and two or three phone calls. For a heavy voice user, you'd need a car charger and or several desktop chargers. The phone came with two batteries and a neat little battery cradle, which I use regularly. The phone does have a high head turning quotient.. "what kind of blackberry is that?" I get alot. When IT guys hear it syncs with exchange natively, they get quite excited.

    The Dash sounds neat. Will have to see one in person. HTC products have been cool so far. Is it available in the USA yet?
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    How's the reception compared to other phones?
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    It looks like only the Samsung SGH-i607 will make it to Cingular, at least officially. Check this comparison table with the SGH-i320n. The 320n has a faster, but different processor. I don't suppose anyone has compared the two side by side????
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    Reception with the i320 is not bad. It is definitely a phone that is desgined to be use in a high-density cell area, like European and Asian countries. Here in Washington DC, we have too many cell carriers competeing for frequncies and not enough towers.

    In comparisson with the i607, the biggest differences seem to be processor, wifi and UMTS capability. The i320 has a faster processor but no new communications features.

    On the Dash, I looked at one yesterday. It is similar in form factor to the i320, but it supports T-Mobile favorites. It has a slower processor, but maybe able to overclock using OMap clock. The Dash overall is neat, I am glad TMobile is selling it! Once someone figures how to unlock it, more Dashes will appear on the scene.
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    I have both the new Cingular and the Samsung SGH-i320n

    The speed and responsiveness of the unlocked i320n vs the Cingular Blackjack version is unbelievable.
    The Cingular Blackjack is so slow when compared to the i320n mainly based on the processor used.
    The i320N uses a 414Mhz processor and the blackjack uses a 220 Mhz

    The difference is like two completely different phones.

    I used the i320n for a month in florida and went to Vegas with it, the service everywhere was perfect. all the bars most of the time.

    I know the BlackJack is quad band but really, unless you need 850 in very very specific areas, you will never need the quad over the i320n tri band.

    That said, I feel the processing power outduals the 3G ability, thus the rendering of web pages are actually faster on the edge capable i320n than with the 3g enabled Blackjack, this is from my real time side by side comparison.

    The i320n has a slimmer profile, (no bulge at the camera

    the i320n has dual speakers and is a little better at audio volume than the blackjack

    the black jack has a scroll wheel on the right side, the i320n does not, but the nav button on the i320n is much better than the blackjack version. The scroll wheel on the blackjack is not accurate when pressed

    Battery life edge goes to the blackjack (because of the feeble processor)

    both come with two batteries and a nifty charging system.

    In my opinion, the i320n is a slightly better phone mainly due to its awsome 414 Mhz processor.

    reports say the blackjack has wifi ..IT doEs not have wifi
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    To add...I also think the i320 looks a lot better on the cosmetic side...IMO the blackjack looks cheap compared to it.
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    Is it worth the joy of not having Cingular support to go with the 320 over the 607?
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    my i320n on Cingular works 100 percent perfect
    media net
    Internet web browsing
    and pop3 mail all work perfect
    so what Cingular support are you referring to?
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    What if the handset breaks?

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