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    so does light, thin and pocketable! and for some Sprint offers no signal either. but i'm glad you like your P w/ S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tDot View Post
    Thanks Tasty. I just came across this site... they have an SMS threader for WM5 Smartphone. Has anyone tried this on a Dash/Q/i320 etc?
    Works great, Cant say that it is as good as the Treo, but I moved from Treo 650 to the DASH and am quite happy with the SMS threader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treobangla View Post
    Works great, Cant say that it is as good as the Treo, but I moved from Treo 650 to the DASH and am quite happy with the SMS threader.
    Thanks. Is it a 3rd party sms threader?
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    I have been a die-hard Palm user for years (was using Treo 650 unlocked GSM) and for other reasons an anti-Windows person. It seemed to me that the smartphone world, and eventually the Palm world was going Windows Mobile, so I thought let's give the Dash a try - its small, sleek, and relatively inexpensive since I am already a T-Mobile customer.

    The short: I like it alot.

    *I travel lots, and the smaller size is a huge factor. I can't overstate this part.
    *I won't here weigh Palm OS vs WM 5.0, but lets just say I wasn't disappointed, and in some ways I was pleasently surprised. Stability is good, and while customization is difficult, I haven't found anything I need that I can't do.
    *I will miss Chatter immensly - push through IMAP fit my situation well, but with an inexpensive hosted exchange soultion through - I am in full push mode.
    *The OTA synch was something I never thought was important, and it turns out to be quite useful and efficient.

    Anyone who doesn't need to seriously hack every aspect of their phone/PDA experience, and maybe wants a little more stability in the OS, may want to give it a look.
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    Stable and Fast OS with NO Crashes. I dusted off my T650 to put it up for sale. It feels like a brick after running with the DASH.
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    people are starting to come around....i like it.
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    I still have my 650. I honestly don't think it's that huge and I have small hands.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    it's not that huge. it's just really heavy. as for pocketability, it works. is it comfortable in pocket? no. does it cause your pockets to bulge and droop? yes.

    are there less heavy and much smaller alternatives? yes.
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    bulge or droop?? Are you in the right forum
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    Can anyone comment on the browsing experience between the Dash & the Treo 650? (I don't mean WiFi...I assume that's tons faster).

    There has been some talk about the Dash being slow, and there's no 3G, so I'm trying to compare the Dash's non-WiFi browsing to the Treo's (IMHO) very slow browsing experience.

    I ordered the Dash instead of the Samsung Blackjack, because I wanted WiFi, and the keyboard seems to be more user friendly.
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    Browsing on the Dash and the 650 (without Wifi) seemed to be at about par as near as I could tell. I found I did much less browsing with the Dash than my 650. My browsing is limited to Treocentral usually.
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    Browsing on the Dash is much quicker than the Treo650 on the same tmobile edge. The browser does a very nice job on the pages i visit. Treocentral looks great. The smartphone os is smooth and fast like palmos experience. It is quicker than ppc version of wm5. Did that for a month and now very happy with the Dash.
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    I just got a dash and although I know that WM Smartphone is "less" than the PPC Phone Edition, I have not seen that you can add attendees to a meeting request on Smartphone. Can you do this? I see that I can do it on PPC Phone, why wouldn't someone want to do this on the SmartPhone.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I am an ex-Treo650 user that switched originally from the Treo650 to the BB Pearl and now I am using the Dash. I find that this phone is stable, excellently put together and just plain works. I am very happy that I decided to pick up a Dash. Now all I have to do is sell my Pearl and my 650 Black Tie Ed.
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    Can anyone point me to some good themes for the Dash (WM5 Smartphone)

    I've seen lots of sites that have sick themes for pocket PC, but they are much higher resolution. In particular, I like some of the Vista themes, and am also looking for a good Apple OS X theme. It seems to me the best themes are the hi-res ones. Does anyone know if there are any really professional-looking Vista or Apple themes for WM5? I have a dash on order, and I have a Treo 650 now (which has a hi-res screen)...wondering if I'll be disappointed with the Dash's resolution? (I KNOW I'll love that it's light & thin).
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    Have no fear - the screen on the Dash is gorgeous.
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    so I bought the dash yesterday with lowered expectations clearly knowing that it was wm smartphone and not ppc phone edition. The device does feel great and the sreen is beautiful. The stereo sound was also great.

    With that said, it went back today and I'm back to the mda. Again, although I knew the smartphone OS would be less, I had no idea it was even less of a device than I thought. My intent was that the dash would be more of a blackberry use (basic outlook and a few cool things, i.e. slingplayer, etc.). However, when I started working with it and realized that even Outlook was so severely stripped down, I realized it had to go. One of my biggest pet peeves was that in the calendar app, you couldn't invite others to a meeting from the phone. That's a very basic part of Outlook. How can this be okay for even the most basic of business users. I treid some of the 3rd party apps, but none were all that great and it ticked me off that the device would be missing basic items like that. The MDA's pocket outlook may not be the greatest, but it definitely has the basics. I would have thought that Microsoft would've atleast included the same level of outlook integration in the Smartphone OS. I guess i'll just be waiting for the Tytn to make it's way either unlocked or directly to t-mobile so I can get it.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I have the Nextel i930 which uses Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones and it allows invites for meetings. When you're adding the meeting, select Options (right soft key) and the third choice is Attendees which brings up your email contacts. I don't have a WM5 device so I don't know if they removed that function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tDot View Post
    Can anyone point me to some good themes for the Dash (WM5 Smartphone)
    The themes from the Motorola Q work very well on the Dash. See here for LOADS of them:

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    Well after 3 years with a 600 then 650 I've just placed an order for a Dash. I'm having mixed feelings right now. I'm looking forward to the Push email and the wifi. But I'll miss my Treo.. Sorry Palm... Start producing some good products and I'll come back!
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