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    I have an SDA. Bought it off Craigslist for $100. ROM flashed to the Imate ROM so it has full push email from my Exchange Server. I've grown to like it -- no touchscreen, no QWERTY. These were (I thought) non-negotiable minimums.

    The size is appealing. Battery life is appalling.

    Guess what's in my pocket right now? The good old Treo 650.

    Reason? Sometime in the middle of the night the molecules re-arranged and whereas at 6:00 p.m. on Monday ActiveSync happily connected the SDA to the Exchange Server, today at 8:00 a.m. it wouldn't.

    I'm going to buy a Dash tomorrow. I have the feeling I'll be a three phone person. I can't let the 650 go. Who knew that the much-maligned Treo 650 would actually be my backstop, my old reliable?
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    I can sympathize, I own a treo 700w, a motorola Q and LG9800. and time after time I go back to the 700w again and again. I am getting a xv6700 soon and need to sell one of these phones to get some of my money back I spent for the 6700 and I am unwilling to sacrifice the 700w lol.
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    I'm wobbling....I love my 650 and all of its applications (for Palm OS).

    But I'm tired of the soft resets when a critical call is coming in, the slow data, and the fact that I can't get my Slingbox to connect to it.

    Where do I go from here? TyTN?
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    I only miss a few things about the Treo 650. The really nice screen resolution for its size, the battery life, and the Word editing software that came with it.

    Isn't it odd that Palm includes a better mobile Word document program than MS?

    Aside from those few things I am very glad I moved on. We all know about the problems and I experienced a number of them...

    I am surprised that your SDA has bad battery life because it is supposedly quite good in regard to battery life. The Dash is supposedly even better. Maybe it is your location or settings...
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    Honestly, I'm glad I still have my 600. If I ever have to go without my 8125, my 650 is staying in the drawer. I'll whip out my trusty 600. If Cingular decides to ever release the 8525, I may finally consider selling both the Treos.
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    if the 650 could do Skype and Slingbox, my eye wouldn't wander...
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    Slingbox would do it for me....or high speed data.
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    The 650 is on its cradle and i am using the sda and the dash i picked up on wednesday.

    even with the shortfalls of smartphone and no touchscreen the dash is superb. im having problems with data service at my house.

    i dont use wifi at all.

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