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    This phone will destroy all phones before it, site
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    it does look pretty good. i didnt see anything about streaming video or tv. or mention of bundled software. but it did seem it has everything i would want and wanted from my treo.
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    Sorry but this phone doesn't even have UMTS or HSDPA. Without those 3G technologies these phones have no chance to survive in 2007.
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    Interesting. Camera with flash, impressive. Wifi very impressive. Bluetooth 2.0, yeah baby. Mini SD...the only potential deal killer for me at least.

    That said, even before this baby is released, Palm better start working on Wifi and its next gen OS to compete. No more FrankenGarnet!
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    I really hope Palm can catch up with the competition. The reason I have stayed with palm for so many years is because of its easy interface, and the TOUCHSCREEN. Having a touchscreen makes doing tasks faster and easier, especially web browsing.

    But...if palm is complacent releasing old technology in a new case and color, I will have no other choice but to switch to a blackberry.
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    BB won't be killing anything anytime soon. I do like their progress though.
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    Nice...but aren't they all suppose to be Treo killers? None yet.
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    Yikes, another Treo Killer !!!!!

    Do yourself a favor and search "treo killer" or "palm is dead". These come and go at least once a quarter.
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    I like it because it looks like it has the same sleek design like Samsungs i320.
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    I will give it credit that it looks alot better than the dash. Has better proportion than the Q too.
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    Hmm, YATK. Can someone please tell my why all these Treo Killers seem to come and go, and yet the Treo still remains?
    Bob Meyer
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    Looks like a "Q" in Blackberry clothing.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Another Treo killer, eh?

    You know, I'm finally getting tired of the Treo's small screen. IMO, I would be willing to leave the Treo line for a device that has :

    1) a decent 2MP camera with Flash - by decent I mean something that I can print out at 4x6.
    2) A larger rectangular screen. The square screen is starting to get to me.
    3) Built-in Sirf iii GPS.
    4) Lots of built-in memory or dual expansion (or at least SDHC-none of these mini or micro standards please).
    5) Either WM or POS

    These rinky dinky OSes are great for most people, but I need my third party apps.
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    If there isnt a Verizon version, it wont kill my Treo! I'm 11 months and going strong! The longest i've ever owned 1 single phone!! Woot
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenjyBoy View Post
    This phone will destroy all phones before it
    How many times have we heard that
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    I'm kind of getting tired of the "X-killer" moniker. No one device will sweep out an entire market.

    That said, it's definitely possible for a device to commit suicide. Say what you want about how great Treos are -- they're still not keeping pace with the cutting edge. If the trend keeps up and Treo can't gain market share, it's only a matter of time before they are marginalized in the market.
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    No touchscreen = DOA

    For me at least...
    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
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    I think the biggest "Treo-Killer" is Palm's insistance on releasing 2 to 3-year-old technology and trying to sell it as something new and improved. They haven't been revolutionary since the 600 came out - and their product line's flavor of "evolution" might be described as a real-time model of biological evolution.
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    In deference to those that argue correctly that all the "killers" have been unsuccessful, I propose that we call all these apparent superior options "Treo Slappers" or "Treo Stompers".
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    I like treo stomper. makes me feel like the brooklyn thug I USED to be before I got a real job
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