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    those of you who have owned both phones, what is your take? Pros and cons? I am about to swicth from my 700w to a xv6700 and want to see if it is a wise move or not.
    My Palm Treo 700w was a snitch
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    better move: switch to a sprint 700wx if you receive decent Sprint coverage in your area.

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    My wife uses a 6700 and I have am 8125 (very similar Verizon and Cingular, respectively). We've both come from 650s, so I'm not too up to speed on the differences between the 650/700.
    Bottom line, I love the 8125 and the 6700. Part of that has been the stability of the os implementation. The other is that I like the platform of the device, itelf. The common "one handed use sucks" mantra chanted on here ad naseum is true - but where do you use these things one handed? Primarily in the car, right? Bad idea to begin with. I haven't missed the Treo that much. I will look at the 750 when Cingular gets it, but I am looking forward to the 8525 for its 3G compatibility. The next Treo I purhase will have to be a market changing device like the 600 was. Oh, and it'll have to offer up to date tech or better. I won't accept any more Palm devices using outdated stuff (like bt1.0). These things are too expensive to have a high tolerance for low end specs.
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    I am a two time Sprint customer and one time nextel customer, as cool as the 700wx is I am not going back to them. ilve tried the Q and it's cool and so forth, more advanced as well but the full PPC OS is waaaaay better than the smartphone OS of windows mobile, so I want to stay with my touch screen and stylus minus the memory management of the 700w. Sprint gets no reception in my house so reception management is worse than memory management lol!
    My Palm Treo 700w was a snitch

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