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    Hi, sorry if this has been covered, couldnt find it - I have a BB Pearl I'm testing with GSM and want to know what data plan I need to use it with email/web.

    I currently just have the voice plan 900mins for 59.99 with Cingular.

    Do I just get the media plan or does BB need a special email plan?

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    you'll need a specific blackberry data plan, you cant use the media net or media max bundles that cingular offers
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    is this the same plan used for the treo also? I think its called media works
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    its a different plan then the unlimited internet plan you would get with the Treo. Its called the unlimited Blackberry connect plan. With this plan, you can use Blackberry email, and the internet browser.
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    I use the 650 to synch with OWA. Can I do the same with a BB plan and the pearl?
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