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    OK well I have cingular and right now have a treo650. i love it, but am thinking of making the move to a WM5 Treo in the future. but seeing as how it might be a while before cingular will offer one, what about getting a 2125 now to help aclimate to using WM? I've been used to Palm OS since I was 17 years old and playing with Palm Pilot Pro's, with no WM experience whatsoever it might take me a little getting used to.

    I like the idea of the smaller size also, so even while I have a Treo, I can grab this for the occasion when a smaller phone is preffered. I'm assuming this would work just fine with the media works package I'm using now, so no changes would be needed. But... what if I picked up a Tmobile SDA instead of a 2125. I realize it would have to be an unlocked model, but would it work the same with my Cingular plan and everything?

    Reason I ask is SDA looks nicer than 2125, mainly because of hard buttons to be used with the media player for MP3 playback. any suggestions welcomed
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    It is going to a little different than a WM5 Treo as the SDA if I am not mistaken comes with WM5 Smartphone edition and therefore no touch screen. Unlike the Treo which will have touch screen and mobile office.
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    The Tmo SDA and Samsung SGH-i320N are my weekend phones to my Treo 650. Get a locked TMo SDA off ebay cheap? it is a piece of cake to unlock and debrand it. Info on Mine runs the latest ms push email, and the OS of an Imate SP5m. It's great, though I do like the keyboard of the Samsung (using it now to write this post). You won't be disappointed.
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    I'd also go for the SDA because it has wifi, if you ever needed it. And like you said, it just looks better than the 2125.

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