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    There has been a disturbing lack of info about this over the past week or so. Has Cingular become THAT adept at keeping release info secret!? We're already a little behind the recently predicted schedule. What's more; my Cingular person, who had reliable info prior to the 650 release and the 8125 release, told me yesterday he hadn't gotten anything on the 8525 in weeks...

    Getting a little nervous, here...

    And, no I don't have access to 3G yet, but our area (Greenville, SC) is several months ahead of schedule in the infrastructure, and were supposed to have it by early January 07. Should be soon, anyway.
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    Our corporate Cingular rep had indicated two weeks before it was going to be launched. I think that would have been next week according to him. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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    Bump. I am also holding out for this. I am now starting to get sick of Edge speeds on my 650. I want 3G.
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    Still have not heard back from our corp guy.
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    Its on the website and there have been screenshots of it posted at hofo. I bet engadget will have this tomorrow morning.

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