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    Didn't see the official announcement on VC yet, but here is the link to the m105 site at

    Here is a link to the press release.

    Just as expected, an m100 form factor, with better syncing tools and more memory. There is also apparently some software that facilitates connecting to the internet through wireless phones.
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    The Internet connection software is the Mobile Internet Kit. It let's any Palm compatible device with V3.5 or later OS connect to the Internet and use Palm VII PQAs. It also includes MultiMail Pro.

    Basically it gives you all of the software capability that OmniSky offers, except that you can use it with any type of modem. I am currently using it with my Prism and both a Diamond 56K IR modem, and with my GSM cel phone over IR.

    It's a good bargain at $40.00, but it's even better for free (a Palm employee was handing them out at a user-group meeting last week).

    Good-bye OmniSky
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    What thats it? Thats all the buzz about the m105 was about? Its just a clone of the M100 with more memory...disappointing.
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    For email, the kit includes Palm MultiMail(R) software (POP3, IMAP4),
    providing access to personal Internet email, such as Earthlink and AT&T

    Sounds like Mac users get e-mail compatibility out of the box now.
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