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    I'm in the market for a PDA but am unsure of which to buy. There is a glut of choices. Palm Pilot, Visors, TrgPro, Pocket PC,.... To compound things, I here that Palm has new models due as well as Handspring.
    I seek the expert advice of you long time users!

    Thank you!
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    New PDAs are going to be unveiled at CeBIT, March 22. You may not be able to purchase the devices shown at that time, but you will within the next couple months. So my advice is to wait.
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    Tomorrow is when Palm is supposed to release their new mid-range PDA. They also have a new PalmV type device that is coming out soon. Handspring is due to release a new slim Visor "Edge" in April which will probably compete with the Palm 505 (PalmV successor).

    What to get depends on what you want in features and your price range. If you are going to get a more expensive unit, I'd wait for the 505 and Edge to come out before buying anything. If you are looking at a VisorDx or the new Palm mid-range device, wait until tomorrow . No matter what you do you should wait at least a little while; the prices on most of the stuff will probably come down. Unless you decide you want a VisorDx which you could safely get now since it already has a $50 rebate. The rebate is most likely due to the new Palm midrange device.

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