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    Stolen cell phones give thieves ear bashing

    LONDON - A new service that makes mobile phones emit a piercing electronic scream if stolen and automatically blocks access to sensitive data was launched in Britain on Monday.


    With the Remote XT security package, which costs subscribers 9.99 pounds a month, a signal is sent to the phone as soon as it is reported stolen. All the phone's data --- like contact numbers, emails or images -- is wiped and an ear piercing alarm also sounds.


    The software, which backs up any wiped data (and can restore the data when the customer has a new phone), can also be used to scan for viruses as the latest generation of phones increasingly has capabilities similar to those offered on laptop computers.

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    You can probably do this with a Treo (I'm thinking of SMS-triggered pTunes). But what happens when the thief removes the battery?
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    Geez...10 quid seems a bit steep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble View Post
    Geez...10 quid seems a bit steep.
    I thought the same same thing....$18 US

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