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    I'm tired of waiting for Blackberry Connect. I'd rather have a true Blackberry device that also runs WM apps. Does anyone know if this is on the horizon? If so, has a URL been leaked?

    If not, does anyone know why not? Maybe it is as complicated as asking for a Palm Device that can run WM or a WM device that can run Palm OS.
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    If you want push email but also want Windows Mobile you can use MS Exchange. Push email on WM5 devices and it handles contacts, calendar, and tasks as well...all via "push" tech.

    What is it about WM that you want to have on BB?
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    We don't use MS Exchange at my company. We use Lotus Notes and it is what it is. I've tried many mail apps (SEVEN, WirelessSync, mNotes, etc.) and none of them are transparent and reliable. More importantly, they are not supported by my company. I need a Blackberry to get mail the way I need it. Also with a Blackberry, I can use a Sametime IM client to communicate internally.

    What is it about WM that you want to have on BB?
    There are a lot of apps I regularly use but here are the top 5 which I've found no BB equivalents:

    1. Slingplayer
    2. Skype
    3. Mapopolis (or any other GPS/mapping app)
    4. Monopoly (I know, but I this is my favorite game)
    5. HandBase

    I went through this same thing a couple of years ago when I switched from the Palm OS.

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