Hey everyone...I have been reading a bunch of threads lately and I hope this is the proper place for this. I would really like and all in one phone/pda/mp3 but I need some help and I figured after reading the thread on the Q vs. Treo that you may have the actual user experience to help me. I had the Treo 600 before, but I really could not stand the reception that it had. My wife could never really hear me well during a conversation, and since I am on the road all the time, I caved and went back to an old phone. I really miss having my calendar, contacts and phone all in one. What I would like to do is list what I need and want and see what you would recommend since many of you have tried the Q and more recent Treos as well as other possible solutions. As I mentioned I have had the 600 as well as the Samsung i600.

1 It has to be on Verizon, that canít change.
2 It must sync with Outlook.
3 Talk quality must be as high as possible.
4 I would love to be able to play music on this, while on a plane, train, jogging, whenever. If I could have internet access to be able to listen to my favorite sports talk station (am) that would be a huge advantage.
5 Need to be able to review/change power point presentations.
6 I would like it to be as small as possible

If I am way off base and you think, from what you have seen or tried, that there may be a better selection for me then either of the phones I mentioned before thatís fine! I appreciate and feedback.

Thanks in advance, while I wait for a response, I will continue to search past threads.