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    Need some help. I've been trying to use EAS Direct Push and have encountered some errors where after awhile of running fine with even email hitting the device faster than it does the desktop, I've now encountered a problem where after running fine for awhile, ActiveSync just stops running. I now have GoodLink and ActiveSync running on the same device and both work fine for awhile and then ActiveSync stops running.

    I realize this may be a WM Synchronization question, but no one seems to read that section.

    My question is based on the way that GoodLink works, would it block ActiveSync from being able to successfully connect with the Exchange Server?

    The error I'm getting from ActiveSync is the following:

    Result: The server could not be reached. This can be caused by temporary network conditions.

    Support code: 0x80072EE2

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    GMM should not be blocking EAS. Only thing I can think of is that GMM may have an active session running and when the device tries to initiate a session back to Exchange, the data connection is busy. Outside of that, it may be an EAS config problem.

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