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    Sprint Upcoming phone line up:

    End of Life Handsets:

    * Samsung A580 – EOL NOW.
    * Sanyo 2300 Red – EOL NOW.
    * Novatel A620 – EOL NOW
    * PC 5740 -- EOL week of Sept. 17th.
    * Sierra AC580 – EOL week of September 17th.
    * Blackberry SP7250 -- EOL week of September 24th.
    * Sanyo 2300 Blue –EOL at the end of September.
    * LG 350 – EOL at the end of September.
    * Sanyo 4930 – EOL October.
    * PPC-6700 -- EOL October.
    * Samsung A920 – EOL week of Oct. 15th.

    Future Handset Launches:

    Launching October 1st:

    * Sanyo 8400 – this Power Vision handset includes Bluetooth and is a replacement for the Sanyo 8300. Will be launched in multiple colors: Black, Blue and White. SRP = $ 279.99
    * Motorola RAZR (EVDO version) – Power Vision RAZR handset with GPS, 1.3 MP Camera, Bluetooth and MicroSD Card slot. SRP = $???
    * Blackberry RIM 8703 -- first Blackberry with location based services. (possible november pushback) SRP = $???
    * Samsung IP-830W -- This CDMA/GSM Smart Device is a Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2.6 with Bluetooth, EVDO data, GSM Voice and GPRS Data. It’s an International voice and data roaming smart device. SRP = $749.99.
    * Motorola ic502 Racer (CDMA voice, iDEN walkie-talkie) – (Limited Markets). It’s a rugged clam, certified to Military Spec. 810F standards for dust, shock and vibration, Direct Talk, GPS enabled and JAVA enabled. SRP = $249.99.
    * Novatel U720 – a CDMA Mobile Broadband USB Modem, which supports EVDO Rev A upgradeable (when available). Compatible with most laptops which do not have PC Card slots – both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. SRP = $ 249.99
    * Sierra Wireless AC595 -- PCMCIA Broadband Connection Card which replaces the AC 580. Will be upgradeable to REV A (when available). SRP = $249.99.
    * Pantech PX-500 -- PCMCIA Broadband Connection Card for laptops which launches with REV A high speed data. Replaces the PC-5740. SRP = $199.99.

    Launching in November: (Dates may change)

    * Samsung m500 Allegro – Slim Power Vision clamshell with external memory card, Bluetooth, Themes and GPS enabled (Telenav or Garmin). Silver and Red are the two color choices. SRP = $279.99
    * LG 150 – launch has been pushed back to the week of November 3rd. This is a slim clamshell with Vision, Bluetooth and internal antenna. SRP = $ 179.99.
    * Sanyo 7000 – is a rugged version of the Vision Sanyo 2300 and 2400. Includes parental control, Ready Link, Speakerphone, and Changeable faceplates. SRP = $179.99.
    * Motorola ic402 – the 2nd CDMA voice, iDEN walkie-talkie device. (limited markets) Not as many features as the ic502. SRP = ????
    * Motorola KRZR – 2nd thin EVDO clamshell in the Motorola thin category. SRP = $???
    * Motorola SLVR – thin form factor phone. SRP = $???
    * Sanyo M1 – this Power Vision clamshell includes 2.0 MP camera, 1 GB of internal memory, MP3 player, Bluetooth and Ready Link. SRP = $ ???
    * i880 – iDEN LT Color Flip includes 2.0 MP camera, Camcorder, MP3 Player, Bluetooth, MicroSD memory card slot, GPS and JAVA. SRP = $???

    The i830w has caught my eye......but check out the 1 GB internal memory for the Sanyo M1!!!!!
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    any info on the Q?
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    The Samsung i-320 is the answer to the Q and is rumored to be released in December
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    Interesting list Hobbes, thanks!
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    I thought the samsung was going to verizon and sprint gets the Q. but wasn't it confirmed that sprint is getting the Q when motorola's contract is up?
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    It could be, I have seen both reported. I let you know when I seen which one in the stores.
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    So they get both the Rzor and the Krzr? I know Verizon is also getting the Krzr but the Slvr? Is it slvr going to be the l7 the l6 ot l2 model or all of them?
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    Add these Rev A phones to the Sprint's line up:

    Exclusive Details: UTStarcom HTC PPC-6800 and SMT-5800 Revealed

    UTStarcom has revealed two devices from HTC that are aimed at U.S. CDMA carriers. Details are slowly emerging, however PCS Intel can independently confirm both devices have been finalized and are in-testing at both Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

    The PPC-6800 (or XV6800 as Verizon will likely brand the device) is the CDMA counterpart to HTC's Hermes TyTN (aka Cingular 8525 in the United States). With EV-DO Rev A, and an improved camera, the PPC-6800 includes a refined design that removes many complaints from the PPC-6700. The keypad and controls are similar to the PPC-6700's predecesor, the PPC-6600.

    On the smartphone front, the SMT-5800 (aka XV5800 on Verizon) will finally deliver HTC to CDMA on the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. Previously, HTC had offered devices to carriers such as the SMT-5500, which were rejected by every CDMA carrier. HTC has since re-tooled their offering to deliver a more compact experience, with new functionality.

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    Here is a little more info, but not much:
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    i think its kinda a sad line-up actually, the only things that catch my eye are the M1,possibly Krazr, and the 2 new rev a pda's Everything else is either a rev a data card or a "been there done that phone" Likeo the 8400, um hello welcome to 8 months ago Sanyo- theres nothing impressive , new, or innovative about this. Its got the same features you can go get a a920 for $150 and do more with. The M1 if those specs are right DOES look like something new and innovative to drool over. Thats really about it everyting else on the list is generall accepted specs for today, nothing else really that says wow. Im not gonna go out and spend more money on a new model that does the same crap and $100 phone now will do. On the other hand that M1 would be worth the money to upgrade or the rev a pda's because they all at least have something new and innovative about them to spend the money on
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    I will drop my Treo for the Samsung i320 or get my wife one. Christmas is the perfect time for a present. Thanks for the update Hobbes.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by klurfdawg23 View Post
    i think its kinda a sad line-up actually bthe only things that catch my eye are the M1,possibly Krazr, and the 2 new rev a pda's
    I think most here would be looking at the higher end line up, which is not looking too shabby.

    Samsung i-320 or the Q and the SMT-5800 for those smartphone enthusiasts.

    Then there is the Samsung i-830 for the those that need a Cell Phone / PDA convergence device without a camera due to company / corp policies.

    Then there is the PPC-6800 and the 700wx for those who want the latest full WM OS, camera, Wifi on the 6800, etc... for the power users.

    It actually looks really well rounded.....even though many of these are coming out 4-6 months later than my Sprint contact originally anticipated last Feb.
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    Here is an updated Sprint line up for the first half of this year:

    Two items that caught my eye is the Palm Sherlock in June.......and especially the PPC 6800 Titan in May! The 6800 is the one that has really caught my eye. Here are the specs that the VZ version is rumored to have:
    • WM5 AKU 3
    • 256MB flash / 96MB RAM
    • Thumb wheel
    • EVDO Rev A
    • 802.11b/g
    • Bluetooth 2.0
    • BBAC -- BroadbandAccess Connect, i.e. tetherable EV-DO
    • microSD slot
    • 2 megapixel cam

    I cannot wait for this phone. It was originally rumored to be released in for Sprint Jan or Feb........I want it NOW!!!!!!! But their is speculation that the delay may be due to adding Crossbow!

    Here are some additional pictures:

    If you are interested in more info about his phone, here is an informative thread on the new PPC 6800 that I started over at PDAphoneHome:
    PPC-6800 w/ Rev A in Testing now with VZ & Sprint!
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    I'm interested in the Palm Sherlock
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I would be too if it can top the 6800....i.e. 256 mb of memory, Wifi, BT 2.0, EVDO Rev A. If not it is going to probably be a nice device but still second or third place with what is out there, which always seems to the sad trend that Palm likes to follow.
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    can you answer me these questions? please?

    is it possible to have a wm5/6 device with the same form factor as a dash/blackjack? can a device this size have a touch screen?

    i have a 680, and am not planning on getting a new phone anytime soon, but is there a dash like device with wm6 in the future? skinny, full kb (no slidy thingy) and touch screen. possible?

    you an atl brave fan?
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    They really haven't announced the WM6 line of CDMA phones least none that I have noticed officially.

    Since I cannot use GSM, there could be some that I have missed on that side so some one else is probably better qualified to help answer some of your questions.

    I really like the sliding keyboard because it gives me a qwerty keyboard with additional valuable screen real estate.

    And nope......I can't say I am a big Baseball fan, but if I like watching a game now and then...and of course the World Series each year. But I would have to say that I am a Mariners fan if I had pick.
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    hmm, i guess i worded that wrong.

    is it possible for a form factor like the dash\blackjack\q to run wm5/6?
    is it possible for a form factor like the dash\blackjack\q to have a touch screen?

    i'm hoping that sometime in the future there will be a phone with the form factor of dash\blackjack\q, but runs wm5/6 and has a touch screen.

    btw, there is a person on an atl braves forum who uses the name hobbes and hase the same pic. i guess hobbes is well know to all but me.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    Form factor can easily be supported. I would be really interested if we could get a none square screen in a Treo or Q form factor. We are mostly in a sit and wait phase as we hold tight to see what new WM6 phones are going to be when announced.

    Yes it is possible for a form factor like the dash\blackjack\q to have a touch screen, but it needs to have an OS to support a touch screen. The Smartphone OS does not support a touch screen......WM 02-06 does.
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    There was speculation that a touch-screen adds considerable thickness. Is that true?
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