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    HTC has said they will not release any more WM5 devices this year, so I think it will come as WM6, whenever it drops.

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    Only guessing but I don't think there will not be any addition Rev A far as I know there is not a difference in the plan price for EVDO Rev 0 and Rev A cards for laptops.
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    Will the S720 come with WM6 since the S710 and S730 will come with it. Because Engadget shows here that it comes with WM5.

    PDAdb does not have the S720 listed at all but have the S710 and S730 listed. They also have it still listed that the 6800 for Verizon will be out in April.
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    ^Yeah, I thought it was strange pdadb doesn't have any info, especially since news of the S720 (Libra) has been around longer.
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    there shouldn't be a price increase for rev a speeds vs rev 0 speeds. there isn't one for data cards, since some areas are already upgraded and some aren't .

    as for, don't count on that as reliable. I've said this on other forums as well, but some of the information found there is incorrect (such as processor and battery mAh)

    ps hobbes did u ever get an email back from sprint ?? if its out of topic just pm me
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    No I didn't and to be totally honest....I forgot all about it until about 2 days ago. That just goes to show how crazy busy work and home has been lately!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by furiousyellow View Post
    ^Yeah, I thought it was strange pdadb doesn't have any info, especially since news of the S720 (Libra) has been around longer.
    Yeah they said the VX6800 will come out in April. I doubt that. I really like the S720 and it would be for sure my next device if comes with WM6 and threaded sms hack will work on it(key). If not it is either the 6800 or the Samsung SCH-760.
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    I'll start off by saying that I've read this thread and the entire one along the same lines at pdaphonehome. Very informative stuff. However, the end of this thread here has brought up a question for me.

    A little background...I've been with Sprint for quite some time now, and have simply grandfathered my old plan (from when Vision first came out) every time I upgraded phones. Up til now, I've been a Sanyo user and haven't had any issues at all. However, I just recently got the bug to upgrade to a Pocket PC, and having now figured out the differences between a true Pocket PC and a Smartphone, it would seem as though the 6700/6800 would be the way I want to go. My $150 upgrade eligibility date was 4/1, so I went to the Sprint Store today to purchase my 6700. Much to my surprise, while having seen it in the store just about 10 days previous, the 6700 is no longer carried in Sprint stores. This led me to all this research about the 6800. Reading these posts leads me to believe that since I have no previous experience with the 6600/6700, I should be more than happy with the capabilities of the 6800 in my relative neophyte status as a Pocket PC user. So those issues notwithstanding, here's my question:

    My old plan is this: $44.99, enough minutes for me (never an issue as I'm primarily a text messager), unlimited text messaging, unlimited MB of Vision. This has been perfect for me for as long as I've been using my cell phone. However, if I upgrade to a Pocket PC, am I going to have to change my plan to some sort of predominantly-data plan as though I were using a wireless notebook card, or will my old-school plan allow me to take full advantage of the capabilities of a phone like the 6800? As far as I could tell, the 6700 was not a Power Vision phone, so my old "plain" Vision plan would have been good enough, no? I don't mind upgrading, but I'm happy with my plan as is and won't change it if I don't have to. Any help you can give me in this department would be greatly appreciated (I hope I'm not too far off topic).

    As for when the 6800 is going to come out, I guess I'll just have to sit back and wait. And I was so ready to be playing with a new Pocket PC today.
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    The 6700 is a Powervision phone. They are going to make you change. Fight with retention about it, but when it comes down to it, I doubt you are going to walk away with a plan at that price. I have a pretty sweet plan, but I have had to battle a TON to get it. Everytime I upgrade or change phones I get penalized somehow. Goodluck.
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    Thanks for the help. I'm not one to back down from negotiations, so we'll see what they throw at me. Of course, the phone has to actually go on sale first...heh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodycape77 View Post
    Will the S720 come with WM6 since the S710 and S730 will come with it. Because Engadget shows here that it comes with WM5.
    I guess it depends on who's reporting I guess. CNET and Phonescoop report it will have WM6.

    Phonescoop gives a nice comparison on the size difference between the S710 and the S720

    The two devices are very similar. The S720 is slightly wider and taller than the S710, a difference that is exaggerated by a blockier shape. The two phones are a similar thickness on the bottom half, but the S710 has a bulge at the top that the S710 does not, making the S720 slightly thinner on average.

    The S720 has a great set of keys on the front, including function keys that are thankfully not fingerprint-collecting chrome like on the S710. The assisted slide mechanism feels great.
    The part about the chrome is spot on. I like the shape of the S710 a little better and the chrome looks nice untouched, but seeing the photos that are popping up all over the place after the S710s been handled several times, it's starting to look nasty.
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    For those PPC-6800 watchers out there....Take a read of this.....

    UTStarcom & HTC - PPC-6800, SMT-5800
    Written by Christopher Price
    Friday, 30 March 2007
    One point of misinformation that has persisted is in regards to HTC and UTStarcom. Despite reports falsely scooped by other phone information sites, HTC and UTStarcom are continuing and furthering their relations in the Untied States. directly confirmed with both UTStarcom and HTC that they will continue to work together in shipping HTC CDMA devices in the United States. has also learned the reason for the delay of the PPC-6800 and SMT-5800. HTC this week released these devices abroad (in Canada on Telus) lacking EV-DO Rev A. HTC will later software update these devices to support EV-DO Rev A.

    Sprint and Verizon however have chosen to wait for EV-DO Rev A to be integrated into HTC's next wave of devices. Once that has been completed, they will ship. It is also possible that this delay will ensure Windows Mobile 6 ships on both devices. While the SMT-5800 cannot be confirmed, but both carriers are fully locked on to releasing the PPC-6800.

    However, because of this delay, only the Telus-branded version (the P4000) was available for show. Specifics such as if the HTC brand will be stamped on the UTStarcom-sold devices remains to be seen.
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    Thanks for the info HobbesIsReal. Hopefully, the EV-DO Rev. A won't delay the US launch too much. I'm between cellphone plans right now, and waiting on the SMT-5800, aka Libra, aka S720 to come out on Sprint. Also, hoping the UTStarcomm version isn't going to be that ugly green one that was rumored to be coming to Verizon.

    As long they're waiting, make HTC upgrade to microSD HC as well.
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    Thank you for the update. I really like the S720 but if it does not support threaded SMS then I may have to go with the 6800 or the Samsung. Also any new info on the Samsung i760?
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    As far as anyone knows, the i760 is only for VZ. This doesn't mean that Sprint isn't going to carry it, just that we have heard nothing either way yet. This phone has some nice pros/cons when weighed against the 6800 where between the two, one of them will fit a lot of peoples needs/wants very nicely.
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    Fcc recently approved the phone and it will be out in late june early july for Sprint and Verizon.
  17.    #77 is the latest scoop on the 6800 and the Treo 755p Sprint release dates according to a member over at PDAphoneHome:

    Im a indirect dealer for sprint and what I do know about the 6800 is that it is going to be released 5/14/07, when it is released it WILL launch as EVDO-REV 0, BUT it will be EVDO-REV A compatible and will be able to support REV A in a software update that will be released later.

    This was confirmed on the 3 month handset report released from sprint.

    Here is a quote from the email I received

    "Updated 3-month handset inventory report for you to view.
    Note that both the Treo 755 and the PPC 6800 are both slated for 5/14/07 launch! The PPC 6800 will launch as a Rev O (EVDO) phone, but will have future capacity for the first Rev A device (with a software update slated for later)."

    Hope that helps
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    For those of you interested in the PC-6800, it is currently out and available through Telus, the Candanian carrier. (The Telus HTC P4000 User Guide is at the bottom of this page. ) So we are getting real street world feedback. Here is a helpful exchange over at PDAphoneHome's PC-6800 forum about what it has to offer:

    Quote Originally Posted by thdrill
    Once again, from what I've seen it doesn't look like they changed much with the phone other than giving it more internal memory and hacking off the antenna.
    Quote Originally Posted by djdurance
    And the litterally chopped off the thickness of the screen, added wifi G, spring loaded keyboard, larger battery, improved speed performance, jog dial, EVDO Rev A, ect, ect. Trust me. Once you get your hands on one you can't even put them into the same class. When put next to the Tytn the P4000 even shows that up considerably.
    Quote Originally Posted by Paragon
    When this phone was first announced I think many of us, myself included, felt this was a minor upgrade to the 6700. After owning one for 2-3 days I can tell you that it is a worthy upgrade. There are many changes to it that make it worthwhile.

    First, it is 30% thinner. The 6700 now feels like a big fat block in my hand. The P4000 actually feels like a phone in my hand when talking on it, opposed to a brick trying to imitate a phone. The keyboard is springloaded and has a rubber coating on the keys, making it easier and nicer to use. The keyboard has indicator lights for caplock and functions. We all know what a pain it was to tell what mode you were in on the 6700. The antenna has been removed. It has 256mb of ROM, double that of the 6700. It has several more buttons and a jog wheel. Together these make one handed use infinitely easier. The RF on the P4000 seems better. The volume when using the phone is louder and it seems to me that BT volume is much better as well. The sound quality of the phone is much nicer as well. It has an improved camera, and improved camera software, giving more flexibility in camera settings. It has a better (dual core) processor. It has a slightly bigger battery. The dpad is a thousand times better than the joystick on the 6700. I'm sure I've missed a few things, but I think I have made my point. The P4000 is an excellent phone.

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    So is this a WM6 device(from the start or with an upgrade) when it gets released in the states because the Telus model is WM5. Man I really want to get the 6800 but the Samsung i760 and SMT-5800 is tempting with its numercial key pads but no, but the possiblility of no threaded SMS on the 5800 is a down side.
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