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    I am not sure.....since they already have working rollup or foldable touch screens prototypes that are only a couple of pieces of paper thick, if they can't now, it won't be long.
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    Here are a couple more pictures from Engadet for the VZ version.....I Want to see a Sprint Pic!!!...but a good sign none the less. Take a look at that 256 mb of memory with 172 mb free to install programs onto for local memory access speeds. Since Sprint already has Rev A up it should come Rev A enabled from the start:

    Verizon XV6800 in the flesh
    Hold on, Apache owners, your knight in shining armor is just around the corner! At least we think it is, now that we've seen some shots of a Verizon-branded XV6800 doing its thing in the wild. It may not look much different than the XV6700 it replaces, but we figure that if the EV-DO Rev. A doesn't tempt you -- or the promise of a Rev. A upgrade at some point, at least -- the 2 megapixel camera and 256MB of Flash just might.


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    I need to see how the qualcomm 7500 384mhz specs compare to the 6700 processor specs... as much as I've come to love my 6700 (especially with aku 3.3 and 3.5 speeding the device up drastically) the only limit I have now is formatting the page in pie. I know everyone will welcome the new added memory (hopefully sprint will get the same amount) not to mention rev a speeds (ive seen them, used them, happy with them from a mobile broadband card standpoint. I hope the device shows a comparable standpoint as well) but as it stands, my device has 29megs free for programs/cache/etc. ever since the AKU 3.3 custom rom took all the sprint junk out and I couldn't be happier. I do wish they'd change that 5 way though - one of the great features of the treo line (especially the 600 series) was the oval 5 way and that 5 way does not look comfortable.
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    looking at it more closely, is that a SQUARE pop up joystick much like the circular 6700?
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    this not going to be running crossbow? Will it get the crossbow upgrade though?
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    No one knows. It was strongly rumored that Sprint was going to release this phone in sometime between the end of Dec - Jan. Now it is pushed back to May. The theory...and again this is only guessing and nothing that one possibility for the new launch date is so that WM6 could be on it.

    Time will tell.
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    most places to gather inormation have this device running wm5 with aku 3.5
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    Yes, for the VZ release of the phone.....but no word either way for Sprint.
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    so when will this be out for VZW? March as rumored?
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    So will the 6800 come out in march or may I am getting to conflicting answers.
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    Are you talking VZ or Sprint? The 6800 for each carrier have different release dates, which is probably what your reading about as a lot of people do not specify the difference between the two when talking about launch dates or even specs for that matter.

    If you are talking VZ, the rumors have been fairly consistent that it is going to be coming out sooner rather than later. But until they officially announce it, everyone is only giving their best guess.

    If you are talking Sprint, who knows. Everything we have so far is unofficial from someone's best friend's uncle's hairstylist who has a son that has a friend that knows a guy who works at Sprint and he said.....

    EDIT: I didn't read the your post right before your last one before I your answer is in my middle paragraph.
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    well keep reading that both will be out the same time. says march while I keep reading every where else that say may. I'd like to get it seeing how well HTC support is.
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    I am interested in all the rumors flying around. Could you share the links where it is talking about both phones being released at the same time. All reports, rumors, leaks, etc....I have seen so far are showing the XV6800 (Verizon's HTC Titan) as being released in March...or even Feb in some reports...

    While the Sprint PPC-6800 (Sprint's HTC Titan) being released in May or June
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    Well I was browing some Sprint forum(I think) I saw listed in google when searching for the 6800 and they were talking about it being release on both services in May. I doubt we will see this phone i February seeing as the month is almost over, but march maybe. And if Sprint does get it in may I bet will have WM6 just to one up VZW.
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    any updates here.
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    The cash tucked away in my sock drawer is asking the same thing!
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    yeah I got to save up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmnboy View Post
    any updates here.
    Here is an unconfirmed report about the VZ phone from my PPC-6800 thread over at PDAphoneHome:
    Quote Originally Posted by IUnknown
    Last week I spoke with the manager of a Verizon store. She is the first Verizon person who will even acknowledge this existence of this phone. She indicated it was sent back to fix problems found by testers. Perhaps it is the processor speed, perhaps the memory, perhaps both. Anyway, she said he heard "early Q2".
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    when is early Q2 refering to April?
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    I want this phone but I'm not going to buy until it comes with WM6 on it.
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