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    I currently use a CDMA Treo 650 on Sprint. I'm tired of the phone's weight and bulk. However, these are the features I need:

    - phone (duh)
    - easily accessible and updatable calendar
    - extensive and well organized contacts

    Things I do not regularly use, though are nice to have when I need it:

    - email
    - texting
    - games

    Any recommendations? I'm willing to consider a new carrier and a new OS.


    - Mike in Chicago
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    Sorry to tell you, but I'm currently convinced that the 650 is the best compromise between size, stability, and features. The 700p is new and relatively untested; the 700w(x) are Windows Mobile partially crippled by a non-standard 240x240 screen and weaker one-handed navigation. The 6700 on Sprint is pretty nice, but suffers from the lack of one-handed navigation, and the 8125 and upcoming 8525 have oddly placed buttons that make it unsuitable for gaming.
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    I shouldn't have even mentioned games. I don't play games.

    Phone, calendar, extensive contacts is what I need. Only an occassional email.

    Oh, and as silly as it is, I really rely on "todos" to remind me of what I need to get gone.

    Is this confusing enough? Should I stick to the Treo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChgoMike View Post
    Is this confusing enough? Should I stick to the Treo?
    I would. There are slimmer solutions, like the MotoQ, but I'd really miss the touch screen. The newer Treos just coming out are supposed to be slimmer, but I think they're currently GSM-only. With 2day, my Treo shows me my upcoming appointments and my todo list, and even the weather with the 4cast plugin... and if you do decide to play games, the buttons are placed pretty well, although it's a bit cramped.
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    there are just too many "phone" pda alternatives that are MUCH better at being as phone than the 650. I for one love the E61 sure no camera but if u want a full function PDA phone that REALLY works (phone first priority) I dont think it can be beat right now. IMHO I think Wm5 is horrific, activesync is a complete mess Nokia 's PC Sync is head and shoulders above every sync alternative out there. It just WORKS everytime.
    As a professional business device... E61 is the best ... for me
    My History:
    all the treo's
    new Samsung i320
    blackberry 8700
    i mate Lots of em including pda2K
    treo 700
    my E 61 works best from BT headfset working to no crashes ringing, etc
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    Sda? Q?
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    Blackberry Pearl? Certainly solves the weight and bulk issue. There's a thread in ths forum with lots of useful links:
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    Sounds like you don't need the touch screen or document editing. The Moto Q sounds like it is for you. Definately less bulk.

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