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    Design involves hard choices and is more difficult than it looks.
    I fully agree.

    ...But it is always easier to complain when you think you have all the answers!
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    why has Sprint yanked the i830 off their site and so soon?
    supply reasons?
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    Interesting. I have no idea. Perhaps HobbsIsReal knows. This really sucks, though. I guess this pretty much deads any hope for a ROM update.
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    Nope....this is the first I have heard about it.
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    The two reasons I've heard of why Sprint removed it from their site:

    1) Recall
    2) A corporate customer bought all IP-830Ws that Sprint had in stock.
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    I tried to order 13 of these and was told by Sprint they don't have any and I have to wait until sometime in January 2007. Supposedly they did not anticipate to sell as many as they did ...

    I am hoping it is not a product recall - care to elaborate?
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    Not a recall

    By law they would have to inform all owners of the phone, and we would know about THAT by now!
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