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    This is really pretty cool, though targeted for a specific demographic. Disney Mobile has just launched it's service as a MVNO (like other companies such as Virgin, etc..) using Sprint's CDMA network.

    It is targeted specifically for the Mom/Family............and would be shunned by anyone business oriented. It offers some pretty cool tools for managing a cell phone / text messaging use with the kids. Here are some of the things you can do from the Master Phone on the account or via the Disney Mobile website. Here is an overview from what they say on their website:
    • Family Locater: Using triangulation over the network, it will locate and display a map of where any phone is on your family plan. This is the first real application I have seen using this technology in this way other than 911.....hopefully this is a sneak peek with some of the future possibilities. Sometime soon, it will even give you directions from where your are to where the other phone is.
    • Family Monitor: Set limits limits per phone for minutes / text messaging. The Master phone gets notified when limits are reached and can lock usage (with always allowing approved numbers like home, etc..) or increase the limits.
    • Family Alert: Easy text messaging to phone on the account or blast to whole family. Common and customized messages available.
    • Call Control: Set times phone can used or restricted. For example can set phone to not be able to call friends during school M-F. When restricted it can always call up to 20 "Always Allow" numbers, like home, parents work, grandparents, etc...
    • Entertainment: Normal range of games / ringtones / themes....ect....with some Disney oriented a lot of nonDisney oriented.

    I have been watching this for a while as they have been releasing press releases for the past several months and now seeing the ads on TV. You can see a demo of all of these features by going here and then click on "Learn More" to see an interactive demo.

    The Family Locater is what really caught my attention initially with this. Their selling points is obviously not price point. They are within reason when you compare normal non specials with other carriers when you add in their extra line fees, etc.... But not when comparing against special deals or other plans geared more for the power users and especially higher minute plans. The selling points is their ease of use, central usage control for individual phones, and interaction with the phones on your family plan.

    Since a HUGE chunk of all of my cell phone usage is business related.....we have been looking at this. I was thinking of calling Sprint Retention to say I am canceling all personal lines (3 of them total) and see what great deal I can get to keep my business line which is usually around 2500 minutes a month (which I would need to keep anyways). With free phone to phone usage with Disney Mobile and free evening and weekend , the 700 minutes should be fine for us for personal use.....especially since I am allowed to use personal on my business account as well. The family control with kids, along with GPS location of the phones, are both intriguing features for my personal use.

    They currently only offer two phones....with rumors of additional ones coming soon within the next 60-90 days.

    Is there anyone who has signed up for this service yet? If so, I am really interested in what you think with actually using it.
    • Does the location work well? How close does it locate?
    • Is it easy to monitor, locate, etc... directly from the master phone?
    • Did you get the DM-L200? What do you think of it?
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    Just did a quick google and here are some points of interest I just found:

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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post
    I heard the rumor that they will be coming out with a Razr like phone soon too.
    I just called a personal contact of mine and found out that the Razr like phone is from Pantech and should be released in Nov.

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