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That really doesn't make much sense, as the V/Vx would be a mirror copy of the M500/505. And Palm would expend more cost trying to retrofit the Vs with SD Slots. It would actually be cheaper or cost as much to simply develop a new model, and the lower price point for the V/Vx would certainly cannibalize sales of the new M500 and 505 to.
Like Rob, I wonder why you're assuming Palm needs to retrofit the V and Vx with SD slots. There's probably a healthy market out there for newbies and nontechnical professionals who want a slim organizer, and won't pay a premium for SD expansion, 16MB of RAM, or color. Only more discriminating users are willing to spend more to get more. If Palm can currently get $399 for an 8MB monochrome product, a price reduction to, say, $279 would be a good teaser price: potential M105 customers might be willing to pay a little more for the cooler form factor and metal case; potential m500/m505 buyers ambivalent about spending over $450 would have a more economical option. I don't see the option as "cannibalistic" if it keeps Palm from losing a sale from someone who can't justify the higher price tag. After all, you're the one who brought up the need for a midrange option.