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    I went to my companies Cingular corporate site and they had an 8125 Refurb for $9.00! It comes with the 30 day warranty so if it is a mess I will send it back but for $9.00 I could not pass this up. I am going WM5 anyway when the 8525 or Treo 750 is released so this would be a great second phone to have anyway.
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    thats great but it does anyone else any good how? I'll give you $20 if you get me one too.
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    Me too me too me too.
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    Sorry guys.....I just found out it was a typo on Cingulars part. My corporate purchasing person called me and said Cingular is going to honor it but they are going to be updating their website within the hour. If any of you have corporate deals with Cingular I would suggest checking their site right now. You may also have the same incorrect price posted.

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