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    Not sure who knows this as I've been on my MDA since March and somehow T-Mobile never sent me an email or text to let me know, but they posted a new ROM update on 7/28/06. This Update update now includes the new MSFT service pack that gives TRUE Direct Push, no more text message crap. The update will wipe out the phone and you will have to reinstall everything, but it will give you true direct push, Global Address Lookup, etc. It will also now indicate with an E or a G if you are getting EDGE or GPRS. You will also notice that the Comm Manager now has many more options than it used to. Also, signal strength has definitely improved.

    This link is the general T-Mo, "Should I upgrade". If you click on it, it will tell you the current version of the ROM and then whether you need to upgrade. It will also then take you straight to the upgrade site. (I'm keeping this as favorite for future reference).

    The second link is straight to the upgrade site. This link may not get updated should they put out another ROM update in the future, so I suggest you keep the first link as the one to remember.

    This final link is MSFT's website about WM5.0 Direct Push and all that it contains as well as which devices are capable.

    Sorry, I don't know how to insert links in this site, so I just pasted the URL's.

    What really annoys me about T-Mo, is why they wouldn't have notified me about this. It's almost a month later and I had no idea. How I found out was by searching the xda-developers website for something else and came upon this.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    Sorry, dude. Where were you?

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