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    Is anyone with the 8125 using Skype and if so what client are you using?
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    there is a brand new beta out from skype but it says its for a 400mhz processor and the Wizard (8125) isn't beefy enough to run it, having only 200mhz.
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    txs - I used to use Skype 2.0 on the 8125. You can still download that version. Under Skype 2.0, click on "Other Windows Mobile" then click on the lower speed one for 312 MHz. When the 8125 was overclocked to 240 and 252 MHz it would be O.K. with a couple programs open. At 200 MHz it wouldn't run very smooth. If you overclock and don't keep a lot of programs open, it will be fine. I don't use it anymore because I have a lot of cell minutes and don't have a purpose for using Skype. It was a nice interface though. Definitely have to use WiFi too though. EDGE (at least where I'm located) isn't fast enough.

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