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    I just went by my local T-Mobile corporate store.

    No news about the Excalibur coming next month despite rumors I have seen on HoFo.

    Q coming in the December/January time frame.

    Doesn't think it is likely that the MDA will be replaced anytime soon as they have big inventory. If they have lots of MDAs they aren't going to stock TyTNs, are they?

    Hmmm. What to do? Stay with the 650? I'm still in contract but my friend with a 700w makes that sound really good.

    I am really needing the OTA sync to Outlook. I'm going to have to think about getting an unsupported (by T-Mobile) device.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $T$-$Mobile$ $doesn$'$t$ $have$ $UMTS$ $or$ $HSDPA$, $so$ $having$ $the$ $TyTn$ $wouldn$'$t$ $be$ $much$ $use$ $for$ $T$-$Mobile$ $customers$, $they$'$d$ $still$ $be$ $stuck$ $with$ $EDGE$, $in$ $which$ $case$ $they$ $might$ $as$ $well$ $be$ $using$ $the$ $MDA$.
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    You are correct. T-Mobile is EDGE so there is no particular advantage to moving beyond the MDA. So the TyTN doesn't give the T-mobile subscriber much beyond a faster processor.

    If I could get an 8125 unlocked and run it on T-Mobile I would be tempted. I just don't like the keyboard on the MDA. The tiny little oval keys are set in tiny little oval holes that I have to push my big giant thumbs into in order to type.

    If it is confirmed that T-Mobile will get the Q in December/January (assuming the sales guy was right) then why would they bother getting the HTC Excalibur? After all, they are both Treo-format phones running WM5-lite. There's no reason that T-Mobile should carry two of these in its inventory. Maybe the HoFo rumors are wrong.
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    As far as the 8125 goes, I believe if you buy one, you can unlock it yourself for free. I can't remember the name of the program, but if you look on xda-developers, there's a program that can unlock the HTC Wizard. I used it on my friend's MDA. We haven't actually put another SIM card in to try it out (everyone we know has Sprint or Verizon, or T-Mobile) but most people in the forum reported sucess. I also agree about the keyboard. I played with a 6700 at the Sprint store, comparing it to my friend's MDA and the keyboard was much better on the 6700.

    You can also that same program to do a CID unlock which allows you to use unofficial firmware on a HTC wizard. That way, you won't have to keep any Cingular specific apps on your phone.
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    'lokiwiz' is the program I believe to unlock 8125. I used it to do a ROM update mainly for DirectPush and A2DP support. Both are used all the time. A2DP rocks with the Motorola HT820 headphones.

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