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    After owning the Treo 600 and Treo 650, using and tweaking them extensively, and even recommending them whole-heartedly, I recently acquired the MDA from for $0 ($50 less $50 a mail-in rebate, with 2-year contract). Here is my entirely subjective comparison. I have divided my analysis into two categories: the things I miss and the things I don't miss.

    Thing I miss about the Treo 650.
    One-handed use. The MDA tends to require an extra hand now and then. Although, with built-in voice dialing, a few registry tweaks and a neat program called Smartskey, I find it tolerable.

    Relative simplicity of function. This is a double-edged sword. Simplicity made the Treo easy to use, but limited it's functions.

    DirAssist. I love this program. Is there a port to available WM5?

    Things I don't miss about the Treo 650.

    Blazer. PIE has its share of problems, but it is far superior as a browser. It is faster and renders pages better and a whole lot more efficiently. Oh yeah: no more 2MB download limit. I downloaded a 7MB file to the 2GB mini-SD card without a hitch.

    Total Cost of Ownership. One of the things we must consider when purchasing a device is the total cost of ownership. This cost includes things like accessories, etc. I was really dreading having to shell out more money for these things, but was pleasantly surprised. I actually thought the 2GB mini card would be more expensive but I paid $38 for it shipped. I have not been able to find a cheaper regular SD card. The MDA also uses a non-proprietary 5-pin mini USB B interface for syncing and charging, and these cables can be had very cheaply. Also consider having to buy all kinds of expensive(!) programs in order to get the most basic functionality out of the Treo - Volumecare for acceptable volume levels, Ptunes Deluxe to support streaming, etc.

    Lackluster bluetooth performance. Now I know what bluetooth is really supposed to be like! Now I can use my Plantronics virtually all through my apartment without the need to stay in line of sight. With a free software add-on I can also listen to my mp3's on the same headset. And those bluetooth head phones work like a dream.

    Just okay Edge performance. The MDA beats the Treo handsdown. The latency on the Treo is sometimes up to 3 seconds longer and the bandwidth is typically 30-40 kbps less than the MDA. With there MDA it typically get 180-200 kbps.

    Small screen. This was a surprise to me. I really thought I would miss the beautiful 320x320 resolution, but I don't. The larger 240x320 screen is excellent and more natural, especially in landscape mode. I get to see more of my spreadsheets.

    The inability to really tweak and customize. This is perhaps a double-edged sword. Access to the registry in the MDA provides an excellent way to change the behavior of the unit, but beware, you can really mess it up.

    The sometimes clunky, non-uniform interfaces of Palm programs. Although we can rightfully accuse the Microsoft Windows environment of being bloated, that bloat helps to keep application interfaces relatively uniform and improves the overall end-user experience.

    Palm OS. It's lack of true multitasking is somewhat annoying. It's native file manager really stinks. Not to mention the fact that it is patched together like Frankenstein. By contrast the MDA offers acceptable multitasking, a decent file manager, and Windows Mobile is being actively developed, albeit by Micro$oft.

    WIFI. The MDA has it; the Treo doesn't, except for a clunky, buggy sled. Come on! Who in their right mind would lug around an ugly behemoth like that?! Unacceptable. And in the case of the 700W, why should I pay an arm and a leg for the devices and then pay an extra $100 for a WIFI card and not be able to use the card slot for memory?

    The keyboard and input interface. The Treo's keyboard was what attracted me to it in the first place. But after a while I realized that it takes up too much real estate in the front of the device and the keys really were not big enough of useful enough to justify that. The MDA's slideout keyboard is ingenious. Not only does it not take up precious space it is larger and better lighted. I cannot believe how comfortable it is to write on this thing. But for those times when you want to feel the stylus between your fingers, the MDA also features true handwriting recognition (not just the "stupid" Graffiti, although it does that too). By the way, there is also a fairly good native notes program that allows you to make and keep drawings, notes, and recordings in one convenient location. It also lets you annotate phone calls. Adiós CallFilter. Yeah, I know that CF does more, but this has been my main use for it.

    Did I mention resets! When I tweak any device, especially when I want to push it to its limits, I expect there to be some issues. Quite frankly, the Treo did not stand up as well as the MDA. At least with the MDA I can tell by the slow down when there might be a potential problem. I can then, in most cases, avert it. With the Treo there is no warning and many times the resets are spontaneous and inexplicable.

    Impotent Infrared. Need I say more? NoviiRemote works beautifully on the MDA without the portruding gizmo.

    If you're a tinkerer and love gadgets, the MDA is the way to go. If you're not much of a tinkerer and you want a device with tons of features right out of the box, the MDA is for you. This is the finest convergence device I have used. Period!

    For those of you who have left Treoland, what do you or don't you miss? Now, flame on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo...not!
    ...clip...Now, flame on!
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    You picked the right forum man.
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    You'll be back. The Treo won't let you go, like that first summer love. . . .
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    I haven't been back since I moved to the Wizard but I may be back if Palm gets their act together with its next release.
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    I haven't been back yet either since I got my HTC Apache. I wouldn't rule it out if Palm offered something impressive, not likely though.
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    I've had the opportunity to play with a WM2003 device, and I think I'm ready to make the shift. If Palm gets me a nice device by December, I may stick with them. WM is starting to look real nice now that I'm familiar with it...

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    I did the MDA and came back to the 650. But I keep looking over the fence at WM5 devices.
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    The facts speak for themselves. Palm dropped the ball about two years ago. I just couldn't sit around waiting for them to get with the program.
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    I must say though, when I was using a WM device, I found myself wondering why it couldn't be as simple as a Palm device, but I'm not sure if that's WM being inefficient or using WM after a nine year run with Palm...

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    I hear ya! I have a hunch it may be a combination of the two.
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    I'm not a fan of Windows Mobile. Too many sub-menus to do the same thing with the Palm OS. Plus I find it less intuitive. I keep flirting with new devices but always come back to Palm. My Treo 650 is the best thing so far, but that doesn't mean I've given up the search. I was previously a Blackberry user and loved it, but the lack of expandable memory meant I couldn't keep all the files with me that I needed. The BB8700 with 64 MB of memory was an improvement over the 16 MB on my previous Blackberry, but still not enough. And although the camera on the Treo is "meh" as far as quallity, I've gotten used to having it and it's come in handy on more than one occasion. The Blackberry "Pearl" 8100 due out shortly, and on my beloved T-Mobile no less, addresses these two issues. The camera will probably be 1.3 Megapixels but could possibly be bumped up to 2.0 MP. And it will take a mini-SD memory card for all the storage I need. I'll give it a look, but I'll rest easier knowing my Treo 650 is home waiting for me should the need arise.
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    WM5 seems complicated, but it gets better if you think windows and use shortcuts...lots and lots of shortcuts.
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    I've had the same experience as rambo47 -- the extra complexity of WM sends me back to my 650. But I keep looking for full over the air sync with Exchange Server 2003 PIM data, with push email. Maybe the HTC Excalibur -- which is rumored to come to T-Mobile, and maybe in September -- is a solution.

    Today's Treo 650 rant? Bluetooth headset---Scala 500. Crackle. Distance = 4 feet. Why? Peh.
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    I would agree that the MDA is pretty cool. I've had a lot of Palm devices (see my signature) over the past 6 years. I must admit that it took me awhile to get used to it. I went back and forth 3 times between my 650 and the MDA. It was really after a post from another htc user where the member said that u really have to give yourself a chance to adjust to WM. Now I really do like it a lot. I've got everything from skype to slingbox to all of ms office. I will still say that the treo form factor is better because of the exposed keyboard, but the widescreen on this device is pretty incredible. and Pocket IE dwarfs Blazer. Wi-Fi is fantastic. I ve previously submitted a post about wi-fi and how it helps and saves me money when I travel to Europe where data rates are so expensive. Outlook Mobile is ok, but I use GoodLink and I'm definitely a fan of that. Also, with WM, you can truly run an app from the card as opposed to having to use zLauncher or some other app to move all elements and create a shortcut. Don't get me wrong the 650 was great, except for the constant resets, which yes I was able to solve with dbcache and zlauncher, but it's great to have a device that doesn't need so many tweaks. I will say that anyone moving to the MDA or any WM device, you will need Smartskey. It makes all the difference and allowed me to put my stylus away. If you're considering moving to a WM device and/or the MDA directly. you will need to add some apps. YOU must add Smartskey, Numlock (gives u caps & num-locks), and a good today page manager and OS enhancer like SPB Plus. You do need to add all of these to make it one-handed and user friendly. smartskey and numlock are free and an absolute necessity. for the original submitter on this thread. DirAsst was just recently released for WM5.0 and is great. for the other Palm converts, you should also consider getting styletap to run your palm apps on WM. I don't expect to go back to PalmOS even if they get Wi-Fi. the desktop ActiveSync app could use a little work. And the Sync with native excel and word files could use some work too. Documents To Go was better, I think.

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    i will honestly never go back to Treo
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    It was actually the posts from CPCrazyFly about being patient and willing to learn that made me try again. it was also his suggestions for Smartskey , numlock and photospeed dial that helped me get this device moving. Now, I really do love my MDA.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I need to go back to a Treo the way I need to go back to braces.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    I think my alias says it all. I wonder as I sing: "Where have all the fanboys gone?..." Not too long ago they would have tried to shove this thread up my nether regions. Could it be they are finally seeing the "Graffiti" on the wall?
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    I just spent the afternoon playing with a Cingular 8125--a branded HTC Wizard. It's a very nice device, a little more like a portable PC than a smart phone. I'll stick with my Treo, thanks--it's all about the interface, and the Treo is much more intuitive. I'd give the 700w a shot, since they say its WM5 is modified for usability ...
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