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    OK, I know I probably won't make any friends with this post, but I have seen quite a few questions lately in the "Palm OS vs. PPC" arena. I recently switched from a Visor Deluxe to a Compaq iPAQ. Why? A couple of reasons:

    -color AND a nice 240 X 320 resolution
    -two words: POCKET QUAKE
    -voice recording without a springboard
    -(virtually) unlimited storage with a CF sleeve and either a large CF card or an IBM micro-drive (don't try the latter on your VDx).
    -play MP3's without a sprindboard
    -open M/S Word and Excel 'right out of the box'
    -32 MB of RAM
    -a surprisingly large variety of CF and PC Card add on devices (everything from wireless to VGA support)
    -ActiveSync 3.1 works really well == especially if you're saddled with NT4.0 at work and can only use a serial cable to sync, no more 5 minute syncs
    -REALLY nice form factor
    -last but not least == storage of multiple addresses and many phone numbers for each contact in Outlook

    Well, that's about it. I must admit, many of these items are user or personal preference oriented. I'm not putting down the VDx or Platinum (my girlfriend has one) or the Prism. Merely stating my perferences . . .
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    I am glad that you have found something that works for you, and that you are happy with it. I must say, those features sound sweet out of the box... I am jealous. My biggest concern with PPC's was not all the feature stuff... but the software available. Palm just has a huge amount more out there right now.

    I have heard, from that HP might not be using PPC anymore. I wonder what Billy Gates is doing right now, if HP leave PPC, and goes Palm, then that leaves only Compaq, and Casio using the Microsoft OS... right? And, with a whole bunch of other players coming to the PDA world in the next year or two... it is going to get interesting.

    Actually, I love that PPC's have come along the way that they have... Palm is going to have to step up the features to compete more, and yet keep the simplicity to keep their existing fans. I don't think that we will see MS simplify PPC anymore, so perhaps Palm will end up the perfect mix of power and simplicity. Gotta love competition... we win!
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    Originally posted by RocketScientist
    I wonder what Billy Gates is doing right now, if HP leave PPC, and goes Palm...

    i can just see it now....(do the wayne's world 'doodleydoo' sound as if going into dream sequence )

    Customer: [hysterical] For some reason, i just upgraded to the new Microsoft operating system and my whole system crashed and i don't understand why!

    Microsoft Customer Support: Ok sir, calm down. First off, what kind of computer do you have?

    Customer: I've got an HP desktop with 866 Pentium processor.

    Microsoft Customer Support: Ahhhh, i see your problem. All microsoft operating systems released after the middle of 2001 stopped working on HP systems.

    Hmmm...somewhere around the time HP switched to a Palm powered handheld, eh?

    We've seen microsoft use other parts of their business to 'influence' other areas of Microsoft interests.
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    Hmmm...somewhere around the time HP switched to a Palm powered handheld, eh?

    We've seen microsoft use other parts of their business to 'influence' other areas of Microsoft interests.

    LOL! Good one. Wouldn't put it past old Billy Boy.

    As far as HP moving to the Palm OS -- wonder if it's for real, or simply a negotiating ploy. It must feel weird to be Microsoft and to HAVE to actually compete . . . .
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    Ok, so I am a Mac user and one reason why I could never go for an iPaq is that you cannot use it with a Mac. And what about the cost of the sleeves to give you access to all those cool cards? It seems that you would need a couple BIG sleeves to use both CF and PC cards, right? The form factor is starting to get a little big, not to mention the pricetag. But it really looks nice...

    P.S. I don't quite know why, but EVERY TIME I have tried to demo a PPC at Fry's or CompUSA, the PPC always had dead batteries or warnings that the memory was full. I could never figure out what apps were taking up all the memory, they just seemed to have the basic apps loaded. So if the iPaq has 32mb onboard, what does that really mean if the apps are so much larger? This seems basic to me, rather have a Visor with a smaller form factor, easily removable modules, and more efficient momory management.

    All we really need is a faster wireless solution, like Riccochet (I know, iPaq can do that...)
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    Originally posted by dhodory
    As far as HP moving to the Palm OS -- wonder if it's for real, or simply a negotiating ploy. It must feel weird to be Microsoft and to HAVE to actually compete
    That's an interesting theory -- a negotiating ploy. No one in five pages of PDABuzz's discussion on the topic brought up that possiblity. Of course, it works both ways. There was some speculation a couple of months ago that Palm's announcement about migrating to ARM had to do with the possibility of losing Nokia and Sony as PalmOS licensees.
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    As some members of the group might know, I too left my Visor for an IPAQ, and here is the thread that I had

    As for the points you made conserning the PPC platform, I aggree with it compleatly, and I love my Ipaq, (now if I could only find the stoaway in a store, and if my PCMCIA sleave would finaly come in, then I would be in heven)

    I have to say that through it all, I still like the springboard, even though I think that by makeing a prophritory connection, Handspring screwed them selves over. I think that they could have done better by applying the springboard concept to a standerd expansion method (say compact flash, SD\MMC, or even PCMCIA, have special PCMCIA cards (or what ever format) that install their own software on insertion and are hot swapable ect.

    Also about there not being enough Software for the PPC, the myth that there is no software for the PPC and even less for the ARM proceessor, it's all a bunch of lies. I'd say that about 85% of the software that you will need comes preloaded, the other 15% can either be downloaded from favorite places like handandgo, or tucows, or quickly made in embeded Visual Basic. (I'm no programer, but with a guide book I can make a stopwatch program) While it is true that there are more applications for PALM than there are for PPC, realisticaly the things that you NEED in your handheld, are aviable for the PocketPC, and if you realy do need 10+ stopwatch programs, then I suggest that you get a stopwatch and a pocketPC. (on a more serious note, I don't think that software is realy an issue anymore, a year ago yeah mabey, but not any more)

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    I've had NO problems what so ever in locating software. And as a bonus, since my desktop runs M/S applications (like Money) the PPC programs are sync-able flawlessly with their desktop companions.

    As far as sleeves being too bulky. For the standard PCMCIA and CF sleeves, you're probably right. However, there is an enterprising individual out their who is modifying these sleeves to make them slimmer. These new sleeves are called 'silver sliders' and not only address the form factor issue, but are really nice (design wise) to look at. So again, a non-issue. And BTW, the CF sleeve plus a 32 MB CF card would probably only be about $85-$90, which is darn close to what Handspring charges for an 8 MB springboard, plus the CF sleeve will allow you to add modem functionality and/or swap out for a larger CF card.

    Yes, simply two different flavors of the same device/functionality, I know. Choice is a good thing. All I'm saying is, rather than praise the Handspring/Palm products and be critical of all others, take a look at the PPC, you might suprise yourself.

    Oh yeah, battery life has been a non-issue so far.
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    So what is pocket Quake like? I love my first person shooter's, is the PPC version usable? Dreadling (for the Palm OS) has to be one of the worst implementations of a FPS; it isn't the programmers fault my Visor just can't handle that type of game. Wondering how the PPC compares.

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