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    If you wanted a smartphone only for:

    voice calls
    web (rarely)

    which would you choose? Price isn't a factor, but ease of use, reliability, reception, etc. are.
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    My 7130e has proven to be extremely reliable and easy to use. Evdo tethering is great.
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    Given your priorities I would suggest the BB, although I really dislike the BB calendar function.
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    Yes I was thinking the BB for sure but then again preference. I don't really like the treo callender.
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    Will you be dealing with any email attachments? The BB doesn't handle attachments as well as the Treo. BB is a GREAT email device.
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    My wife left her BB for a Treo 600 (my old one) and left the 600 for a Treo 650 (on loan to her). She looked at the BB 7130e and decided to stick with the 650. The former jog wheel fan had lost her interest in the jog wheel approach and she also likes the Treo's ability to do more than just email. As a note, ChatterEmail is the client she uses. Ben
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    I stopped at a Verizon store and tried typing on both. I'd say they're about equal. Treo has individual but tiny keys, Bb you have to get used to but it was remarkably accurate at guessing what I meant to type. Even the smaller screen was very easy to read.
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    I would say the Treo. This way you are not bound to just those functions you listed. In otherwords you will have room to expand what you use your phone for.
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    Well after if you do decide to get the 700p you will love the extra features on it such as camera and all the stuff the BB does not have.
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    Well, as a person who has used both I decided to stick with the Treo 700. For me it was not worth the extra money for the BB data plan since I do not have access to a Blackberry Exchange Server. I was only using the BIS and I can get pretty much the same functionality using Chatter for alot less money. And I just like the PIM programs much better in Palm than the BB. I also missed the touchscreen and 5way navigator I could never really get completely comfortable with the scroll wheel.
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    I thought the $25/10MB data plan, which is an option for both phones, is all I'd need with the BB. Is BIS another service, and what does it do vs the data plan?

    Right now I'm using a phone that has photo and MP3 functions, but I've never used them. I'm an independent contractor, and what I'm looking for isn't fun == it's the most reliable way to stay in touch with customers by phone and email.

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