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    The stealthy BlackBerry Stealth slinks behind the scenes no more. It's the BlackBerry 8100 and it's got a camera, microSD slot, EDGE data, and media playback functionality -- just like we'd expected (so where's the damn WiFi?). This should be due in November on Cingular (no guarantees), but something tells us to expect an even earlier launch on T-Mo. Perhaps it's the T-Mo branding. We can't tell you much else as of right now, but big ups to Random Asian Dude for the hookup. Click on for a bunch more pics.
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    Where da QWERTY at?
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    The QWERTY is there, but I believe it'll use either a two tap system, or a rocker system. It doesn't have an individual button for each letter.

    The two tap system will probably have you press once for Q, and twice for W, and so on.
    The rocker system would be where you press the left side of the button, and you get Q. You press the right side of the button, and you get W.
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    I believe its caleld SureType (yeah i think thats what it is) came out first on the BB 7100 series.

    Its a cross between T9 and QWERTY interface. Some keys have 2 letters/options and some have 1...after using it on my 7100r i didnt like it much (but it was a little buggy then in correlation to the speed of the device).

    If they made a QWERTY one, big time better
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    It looks like they have already changed the name of the Stealth to Pearl for whatever reason.
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    This one is finally looking really good. I surprised myself a while back when I used a Blackberry 7105t. It was really a nice device for the entire month I had it and I am definitely looking forward to buying this one for my sister. I will not be giving up either of my Qtek phones (9000 & 9100) but she will absolutely love it.

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