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    Hmmm. GIzmodo link
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    I saw this on Phonescoop as well. It's about time. I'm kind of torn between the Q and the 700w for Sprint when they come out. 700w is definitely more powerful, but I really like the Q's form factor. Plus, I don't edit Word/Excel docs that much, so the Q will probably fit the bill. I'll have to wait and see.
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    The Q will be perfect for my wife. The 700p is too big for her and it's a bit too complicated as well. The Q is more in line with her needs, which are simple email, phone and sms. It's too bad that Palm has not come out yet with a Treo-lite, although there has been much speculation about a release prior to year-end. Until then, we'll go with a Q on Sprint and I'll keep the 700p for myself

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