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Okay so here goes - first of all the one I have is going back !

Let me explain that - the one I have been sent has the AZERTY keyboard layout rather than QWERTY.

I ordered it from Pixmania (a french company hence the AZERTY layout - despite the website showing QWERTY) - they are checking if they have UK spec model - but I have a feeling they don't - I was surprised that Expansys (which is where I buy most of my hardware from had been beaten to it - now I know why!)

Anyway - had a chance to play around with handset yesterday and I have to say - I will definitely get it when in QWERTY format.

I would descibe myself as a 'real life' user of handheld technology - I run the sales force of a national Financial Services firm in the UK and relish the ability to check my schedule, deal with tasks, hold my complete Outlook contact database on my handheld, log my mileage and of course the killer - wireless email.

I currently run a Treo 650 and love the usability of the device .... I have used WM many times but ALWAYS end up coming back to the Treo !

Brief handheld potted history .... Psion 3, Psion 5mx, Palm III, Palm V, Psion Revo, Nokia 9210, Nokia 9210i, SE P800, SE P900, SPV C500, MPX 220, Treo 650, PDA2k, Treo 650, hp hw6515, Treo 650.

As you can see I like my smartphones!

I love the form factor of the Treo 650 and still believe it has one of the BEST keyboards but why can't it be thinner?

I have been hanging on to see what the 'new' Treo's will be and whether they would fulfill my wish for a thinner model - but from what I can see of the new models the sum total of however many years of R & D have come up with exactly the same form as the 650 with a revised keyboard and no antenna ! Personnaly I would rather have kept the antenna and got a thinner handheld!

I have watched with interest developments by other manufacturers - Motorola Q - great concept - but no GSM and still too wide, SE M600 - lovely looking machine but still some sync issues with Outlook.


1) Sooooo very thin and small - same form factor as Treo 650 but about V3 thickness

2) Quicker than previous WM handsets I have used.

3) Categories do sync across on calendar, tasks and contacts despite my previous concerns.

4) Acceptable camera.

5) Loud speakers - but poor design means they fall flat on the table and become muffled when it is on your desk.


1) I prefer the Palm OS - it just works.

2) No equivalent to Chapura's calllog+ - this is a REAL jem of software that I only discovered a few months back - but it syncs the Call log from your treo into the journal on Outlook allowing full audit trail of calls and conversations. Iand it is really key to me to be able to record notes from calls and on occassions simply prove calls were made! - really need this functionality.

3) Keyboard not as good as 650s - not far off and certainly better the the hp 6515 I used previously but still not as good.

4) Still not as quick to navigate and complete tasks as Palm - probably takes 3 actions for every one on Palm - this is an OS issue though not hardware.

5) No ability to link contacts to appointments or tasks like you can with KeySuite - have spoken to makers of Pocket Informant though and they hope to have this in their next release.

6) No THB Bury car cradle yet.

7) No docking station and I guess never will be as connectors are on the side not the bottom.

8) You can only remove the micro Sd by taking the back cover off - not a major issue for me - I have a 1Gb card and that should be sufficient.

So generally - to sum up ....... love the form factor and that will probably be the deciding factor for me - but but but - if Palm got their act together and produced a Treo in the same size would have that over the i-320 anyday.

Here are Stephen's pictures. Its really really dramatic how much thinner it is than the Treo. I can understand how the form factor can outweigh a small loss in functionality.