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    Let me start by saying I love my 650. It does not crash as many complain about. I am a VERY experienced palm user and love the OS. Battery life was acceptable. Call quality was ok, not stellar. I had it for over a year. It was an upgrade from my Kyo 7135.

    Before I go any further, let me tell you all how I use my device. Calendar and phone are the most important features for me. Syncing with Outlook has always been priority. The built in PIM in the Palm OS is quite good and I have never had major issues with it. I used to use Datebook5 but went back to the OEM PIM for simplicity and space sake. It works very well. The phone was acceptable. I didn't miss many calls or drop many, but call quality was only so-so. I used VolumeCare as I could not use the phone without it.

    I also use it for entertainment. I use TCPMP for movies and keep a few on a card all the time as well as about 400MB worth of MP3's.

    I also occassionally review powerpoint or word docs and read ebooks.

    So... why switch? I was happy. Well... here we go.

    I was at the end of a contract and cheaper family plans were available. The rest of my family needed new phones and a new contract was the way to go. The 700 (p or w) was too expensive for me to justify. The Q was very reasonably priced and I knew that if I didn't like it I could re-activate the Treo and sell the Q for more than I paid for it on eBay. If I did like it, I could sell the 650 for about even money to what I paid for the Q. Being the geek that I am, I thought it would be fun to try it.

    So.. what happened next? The first few days were disappointing. There is a learning curve with the OS. I had a sync problem that caused duplication of all contacts and calendar events. Verizon was VERY helpful in resolving it (really.. I swear!) Battery life was dismal and I couldn't get through a day. But I stuck it out. I wanted to give it a fair chance.

    Battery life got much better through the second week. I don't know if needed to get conditioned or a few cycles improved it that much, but it is not a problem now. I got an extended battery but I am not using it as it adds to the bulk.

    TCPMP and MP3 use are great. The Q sounds better and the lower resolution screen has not hurt for watching movies as the orientation pretty much makes the movies the same size as on the Treo. I did not have to convert anything, just move stuff from one card to another.

    The phone quality is MUCH better than the Treo. I have no volume issues and clarity is awesome after usiing a Treo for a year. The camera is also very good for a phone and much better than the 650. The flash helps too.

    There are some down sides. With all of the palm software available, it is easier to customize the Treo. I do not like that syncing Outlook notes required 3rd party software. (Of course, the Treo needed 3rd party stuff for other things). Navigation was a bit easier on the Treo, although this could still be a learning curve thing, but it does take a few more clicks sometimes.

    The built in Calendar on the Q is not as nice as the palm and I may go with 3rd party software there. There are some good options.

    I love the form factor of the Q. I like the keyboard and think it is better than the Treo (my personal preference). It feels less obtrusive in my pocket (I carry my phone with no case, I like minimal bulk). It is comfortable to talk on and hold in one hand. I love the scroll wheel and have since my old Sony Clie.

    I still use Avantgo, TCPMP, Mobipocket. No real change there.

    EVDO of course speaks for itself and browsing is just as nice. I was worried that it would be a pain with no stylus, but I have found it works well.

    Voice recognition built in is nice to have and required no programming at all. I just press one button and say "call *whoever* mobile" and it does just that. The speakerphone is better than the Treo as well.

    None of this means it blows the Treo away. It doesn't. Itis not as powerful, mostly for the abundance of great palm software though. It is sleek, works well and does the things I need it to do. Most of them, as well as the Treo, some better, some not. The for factor is the big plus. So I decided to keep it. Take it for what it's worth.

    The downside here is that I will still frequent this board. My wife will not let me sell the Treo. We have activated it on her account. She has been a palm user for a long time and wanted to converge. There went the cost savings!
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    Keeping the wife happy is a huge cost savings for some! But a wife who actually wants to carry around a Treo has to be a pretty cool lady. Count your blessings!
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    My wife has always gotten my "old" Treos as I upgraded. I never get anything when she upgrades. Never. Ben
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    Actually. she has gotten hand me down Palms since I upgraded from my Visor Deluxe all the way through my Treo.

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