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    In one week I have been able to completely replace my treo with a phone the size of a razor:QTEK 8500

    I was a heavy treo user, using the treo for a phone, for work( as physician): I used epocrates as drug data-base and I kept track of hospital patients and surgery which I would code on the treo and e-mail( though pop3) account to my office manager for billing, and lastly I used audible to listen to books on tape.

    I am happy to say that in a mere few days( and a 1gig transflash card) my QTEK has been able to surpass the treo: :P
    I am running Tweaks2k2 on the phone: I have over 5,000k free
    On the card I am running clearvue suite, Epocrates, Audible, PhatNotes, and TCPMP
    PhatNotes allows me to keep track of patients and e-mail them to the office(as well a syncing with outlook)

    In fact the QTEK 8500 surpasses the treo on its ability to read PDF on the fly( a constant treo problem), and I can listen to books on tape or music with audible,TCPMP, and wmp through my Motorola HT-820 bluetooth headset ( A feat which requires third party software on the treo which usually caused my treo to sputter, freeze and require a reset)

    I was sceptical moving to a smartphone, but I loved to razorish form factor and I think Palm has dropped to ball by coming out with consecutive phones( 600,650,700) with little to differentiate them.

    IMHO the QTEK blows the treo away in form and function :excl:

    fo those interested here are some picts
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    Hi lite blue,

    Compared to Treo, how do find text entry (T9? ) and battery life (750 mAh battery vs 1800 mAh)?
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    Any idea if Sprint will pick up this phone. I would love to have a clamshell smartphone. Right now I don't have a choice.
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    That screen is so small. No way .
    Treo's are better and that keyboard.
    Treo's days are numbered."Some unknown device will kill it soon ".
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogbone65
    Any idea if Sprint will pick up this phone. I would love to have a clamshell smartphone. Right now I don't have a choice.
    It is GSM, so no. I haven't seen anything about a CDMA version. Would be nice though. I am considering buying one for my Cingular line, haven't decided what phone I'm going to go with. No need to get the TyTN since HSDPA isn't in my area. This phone will do quite a bit I bet though, and be really light to carry compared to my 6700.
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    I am not sure about battery life because for both the QTEK and treo 650, I have kept it charged in the car and have never had a problem
    As for the keyboard, the treo qwerty is faster, but i am getting used to the QTEK and it really is not much slower for the amount of typing I do. I agree if someone is doing word processing might stick to a treo( they do make a foldable bluethhoth keyboard for the qtek )

    The form factor rocks. I really would've like to see palm come out with a razor like clamshell. I just couldn't see paying $600+ to go from a 650 to a 700p

    The screen on the qtek is actualy awesome, I find it easier to read web pages on the QTEK then TREO.
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    Clamshell's are a pain IMHO.
    In order to answer a call , you have to take the phone out of holster open it and than answer the call vs just pressing the button on treo.
    The screen appears to be so small on the link you provided. I am not sure how you rae viewing web pages on it .
    its painful to shell out 600 bucks for a model without any major upgrades.
    Treo's days are numbered."Some unknown device will kill it soon ".
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    I don't think I will ever go to T9 entry. :-(
    Palm III-->Palm IIIxe-->Palm 505-->Samsung i300-->Treo 600-->PPC 6600-->Treo 650-->Treo 700wx-->BB Pearl--> BB Curve

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    its all about the keyboard

    I was tempted by the QTEK 8500 after owning the S200...but then i realized a few things.

    1. I couldnt go back to t9...its all about a qwerty kb...cant wait for the HP 6900 series
    2. No touch I love touchscreen
    3. WM 5.0 smartphone edition (whatever its called)...a stripped down/dumbed down version of WM 5.0 pocket edition...
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    Reasons not to compare the Qtek 8500 to the Treo are smaller non-touch screen display, lack of qwerty keyboard and reality it's a cellphone, not a smartphone. The device was designed specifically for voice usage not email or sms usage. If the poster was comparing the Qtek 9600 to the Treo then I'd say he has an adequate comparison of smartphone devices.

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